I'm doing a project for school . . .

i’m doing a project for school where i make a “business.” mine is a bike shop that also sells unicycles. can anyone (particularly if you work at a bikeshop) tell me how much these unicycles might cost wholesale?

a cheap beginner unicycle
a trials unicycle
a nice seat
extra cranks

thanks! :smiley:

A very general rule of thumb is wholesale cost (ex tax) is approximately half retail cost (inc tax).

But in the bike business, margins are notoriously smaller than typical retail. Bike shops make little money on bikes, and most on service, clothing and accessories.

But for the purposes of your project, keeping a simple number, like 70% of retail, is probably going to be easier. Then you can have a higher markup on the stuff mentioned above, to make a nice simulation of the real world.

This is from my experiences. Prices are CAD

a cheap beginner unicycle-My norco was $140 before taxes
a trials unicycle- $300-$500 for one that wont break soon
a nice seat- KH $50
extra cranks- Cotterless=$20/pair, Splined=Varies by model

thanks, guys! you’re all so helpful! so do the 50% - 70% apply for regular bikes, too?