I'll vote for Sanders tomorrow, then Trump

Big Tuesday tomorrow in Florida. I want Sanders but my prediction is he will not get the nom.

Why then will I vote Trump ? Because he is not the establishment choice of the health insurance billionaires, big pharma, or the prison industrial complex, Hillory is.

At least Trump is not Hillory.

I’m voting for PeeWee Herman for the same reason.

Vote early and vote often.

nothing new (as far as I can remember)

You know I used to think that american politics was kind of simple with only two parties and a polarized population. That was before this whole election before the election thing. And the fact that each party does it differently but at the same time and each state has it’s own delegate allotment rules really makes me scratch my head.

So once a delegate is selected do they get to change their minds? Are there a crap-load of delegates who truly support each candidate hoping to get on the list so they can vote for their prospective party leader? A certain number of delegates who are told who to vote for by the rules of each state? or are they even people? just a number of “votes” in this messed up version of democracy?

And a vote for PeeWee is not a vote for Trump, which has to be a good thing. Yes, Trump is anti-establishment. Or at least he’s anti-political establishment. But he’s also anti-minorities, anti-women, anti one whole major religion, and especially anti-truth. Trump’s stance on things changes from day to day, as does his recollection of what he said yesterday. I have to believe that the only thing that motivates Trump is anything that builds Trump’s ego or the Trump brand. He does not care about anything else, at least beyond whether or not it makes him look good/tough/successful/endowed in a manly way.

Not that I have an opinion about that.

I wish I could vote for Kasich, but it’s unlikely we will get the chance. He’s the only candidate I actually like, and I like him a lot. He seems like old-school presidential material; someone we can actually look up to.

Alfred E. Neuman is honest about his idiocy. That alone makes him a better choice than Trump.

That’s partially explained by the long name of our country, United States of America. So the states have some degree of autonomy, and some like to be more autonomous than others.

We’re a democratic republic, though I’m not sure if that has anything to do with our odd election process. If not anything else, it helps to prolong the agony of picking our next leader. :slight_smile:

And you forgot to ask about the Electoral College…

being a babyboomer I still stick to the (naïve?) optimistic ideals of the sixties… and I am stunned by the proliferations of hateniks all over Europe and sad to discover this is also mainstream in the US :frowning:
for me hate is a weakness that disguises itself as strength.

Wow, what rhetoric. I’m changing my vote to John Foss!

Yeah, Kaish won Ohio, maybe the GOP will nominate him instead of Trump, even if Trump wins. Also, it looks like Berny is out, no surprises there.

The electoral college is insane, but sadly it appears that we are stuck with it.

I kinda like the electoral collage

If we need a recount, we only have to do one state, not 50. Since a corrupt election may only effect the results in one state, it limits the ambitions of corrupt people, a basic function of good governance. Inflating the margin of victory or number of votes in your bought out state has no effect on the electoral collage.

The right to vote is important, but the Democratic Party of Racism and War and the Republican Party of Racism and War do not deserve your vote unless you own a bank or something.

It is. But a powerful tool for politicians who want to appeal to the more base nature of people. Fortunately the haters in this country are relatively a minority. Still too many, but far from a majority.

So don’t vote? That won’t work either. What we need are better candidates. Surely you don’t think the billionaire will be an agent of change for the little people? I anticipate that he would be even more friendly to the banking establishment. If that’s possible.

Trump could be surprisingly good

Reagan was a bought actor, a pawn of the military industrial complex, or so I believed at the time. Then he went on to embrace Gorbachev and end the cold war. He wasn’t a puppet after all.

The track record of show biz people in office is surprisingly good. I realize that Trump’s wall is sorta stupid, but it doesn’t hurt people by design, it will not be the Berlin wall. It’s construction will create many jobs, plenty in Mexico. At a time when the establishment candidates are supporting 15 billion$ air craft carriers, a 10 billion $ wall sounds almost hippy peace. I bet the Chinese are impressed as well.

I don’t care that at times Trump sounds a bit like Huey Long or Teddy Roosevelt. If I hear one more time Clinton saying how single payer health care is unrealistic, that she will achieve peace in the middle east by giving Israel everything Obama wouldn’t…I will vomit so bad I will need my non existent health policy.

Trump is a joke, he is funny. Clinton is not. She is a puppet. A hawk puppet of the military industrial complex, a very dangerous person. Trump is Trump, and well,… if Lucifer Mourning star was running as a self financed independent with Elisabeth Warren as VP I might vote for the devil over Trump. I still wouldn’t vote for Clinton

There is an old expression, “best to go with the devil you know”. I don’t like old stupid expressions. I am ready for a new devil.

I mostly agree with you about Clinton. But my problem with Trump is that nobody knows what he really wants. Nobody can say what he will really try to do if he gets elected. He seems to be a narcissist, and possibly even a compulsive liar. His skills at deal-making may or may not translate from the business world to the diplomatic world. Most likely not.

Trump is used to being the CEO. A president isn’t a CEO and it’s unclear how he will work within the constraints of our system. Will he make more, or less executive orders? Will he really try to change laws to weaken the First Amendment? He says he wants to.

Clinton is definitely well entrenched in the system. The establishment. Same old crap. But voting for Trump is like hitting a wasp’s nest with a baseball bat because you’re really bored. Who knows; it might have positive results, right?

I’d rather have 4 years of Clinton than turn the USA into a giant Jerry Springer show.

a friend of mine was dissatisfied about mainstream medicine … So she opted for “alternative” medicine … she just died sooner (and more painfully) of her cancer.

This is a lot like saying I’d rather have a sulfuric acid enema myself than watch someone else have one.

The banking establishment, along with the prison industry, the insurance industry and the military and police state apparatus, have all the friends they need in the two capitalist parties: The Republicans openly declare war against labor unions, working people, minorities and immigrants, and the Democrats pretend to be friends of these groups, but then enact the same policies, or worse.

Which strategy is more effective? I don’t know, but since my hope is that they both fail, I don’t vote for either one.

I was listening to a science program the other day on the radio. The host was talking about the five year anniversary of Fukushima, and how, in the last five years, almost nothing has been done regarding the cleanup. For example, the managers of the disaster site have yet to successfully survey the melted cores with robot submarines in order to determine the cooling needs of the site. A second step in a clean-up might be the installation of a closed loop of water for cooling the piles. That hasn’t been done. Some radioactive water has been put in pools, but much radioactive water is pouring into the Pacific Ocean. Surf’s up, dude!

This story represents a colossal failure of our winner-take-all capitalist system. There’s no economic incentive to clean up the mess in Japan. TEPCO is too big to fail. Ultimately, TEPCO internalizes its profits and externalizes its liabilities. The people of Japan (and others in the world) are the ones paying the price for the disaster. Socialism for the super-rich and corporations, rugged-individualism for Joe-regular-guy.

Another, not quite as colossal failure of capitalism: methane was leaking like mad out of the underground storage facilities at Porter Ranch in Southern California. The gas company responsible for the storage facility could have pumped the gas significantly more quickly out of the leaky site … and to gas-powered electricity power plants … by selling the gas at a reduced price. But, instead, the gas company chose to sell the gas at the “going rate”, thus increasing the number of weeks/months the gas was leaking.

These are matters of life and death for people and the environment we all share. And the two major parties are both capitalist parties. I heard someone on the radio hypothesize that, as a president, Bernie Sanders would not destroy capitalism, but rather save it from itself. The commentator went on to compare Bernie Sander as president … with Franklin Roosevelt.

Now that ‘socialism’ is not such a bad word in the U.S. let me say that there are certain things which should not be controlled by capitalists enterprises, the above two references being two of them. Unfortunately, that is what’s happening, incrementally, to our global economy, to the point that the sovereignty of nations is being overridden by trade deals, which are supported by Democrats and Republicans.

I’ll take Bernie over the others, any day, keeping in mind that he said ‘we’ are the revolution.

At least we don’t have to watch the Jerry Springer Show.

In the end, we will each have our one vote, if we choose to use it, and the chips will fall where they may. Nobody can make “educated predictions” about this one; it’s been too weird.

Well put, my friend.