If you could only have one unicycle?

If you could only have one unicycle -
Which size, type and tyre would you choose and why?


With a Nightrider tire.

Hmmm… if restricted to only 1, that’s tricky.

Probably go for a 26" QU-Ax QX Series MUni with the 2.5" Kenda as I enjoy rough, off-road tracks and the tyre availability is pretty wide ranging if I fancy a change.

i would probably die… I would probably get a 26 as well.

Blue frame
Blue rim
Blue spokes
KH Adjustable seat post
KH seat (blue)
Cranks with 4 holes
Blue pedals
3 geared hub
Disc brake with blue handle
T bar type thingy with a blue bell on it

( I can dream :slight_smile: )

Erm , can’t decide which tyre though.:o

29er, probably a Schwalbe Marathon tire. A KH would be great, but I’d be fine with the Nimbus I have. 150/135 cranks.

I drive a lot for work, and this is what I keep in my trunk pretty much all the time, as it can do a little of everything. It’s great on roads and not a bad as one would think on the trails, as long as they’re dry.


If money weren’t an object I would get a Geared 24" so I could still do some trials type stuff and go at 36er speeds as well.

edit: Oops um tire wise, I’d probably have a duro 24x3.0 because I love the bounciness of the one I have.

KH26 geared.

I’m a noob,but a 26 or 29 that could take a little abuse.

a 26 hands down, mabey a 19

Definitely! If I could only have two it would be 26 and 19.

19 is so much fun for playing around on. I couldn’t imagine only having 1!

If I could only have 1 I think I’d have to go 24. Could still ride all the freestyle, street, and some trials, plus muni with a big fat tire.

KH 26 geared.
Schwalbe Rocket Ron tire.
Freeride saddle.
150 mm cranks.
Rim brakes.

I am having too much fun with a 20 incher right now. It is wonderful for parades and it has been working nicely for me as I get better with longer runs going backwards. I might change my mind later when I want to go farther in a faster manner, but right now I like the maneuverability and all the things I can do in a tight space.

As far as a tire, I would like a tire that does not wear out!

G26er. No, 700c. Wait, 36er. Ok, KH 24 MUni. Hang on, Oracle. Yeah, one of those. :slight_smile:

I’d have a 19" trials unicycle. And then I’d buy unicycles to my family members and use theirs.

I kinda agree, a kh 24 would be a good mix for both but man a 19 would be great

I’d have to think hard between 36 and 29. I haven’t tried 36er muni yet, which would be the deciding factor.

Most likely though, a good 29er and prolly the HD (though I haven’t tried it yet :roll_eyes: ). 29ers seem pretty versatile in my experience…

I use my 26 for trials and the trails, so I’d stick with that one.

If only one? Maybe a 24 or 26. Could use for freestyle tricks and could use it to get places. A 19 or 20 would be just too terrible.