if you could have anyones style?

If you could be as good as any rider who would it be?
Btw if i had to choose it would be Dan Heaton or Dylan Wallinger.

Steve McPeak

George Peck

I would definately want Ryan Atkins style. His style is really smooth and it looks controlled.


Kris Holm particularly for the technical downhills and rail riding. I’d also love to have Dustin Kelm’s skill and apply it to rail riding.


If I only got to pick one it would have to be Kazuhiro Shimoyama.

If you don’t know who that is, I highly recommend you go to Japan for Unicon, where he tells me he will do his best performance ever. He blew everybody away in China and won the men’s Individual Freestyle title. He was unable to make it to Washington for Unicon 11. Kazuhiro’s got some of the best Freestyle moves in the world.

For stuff that’s not as interesting for an audience, my pick would also be Kris Holm. He still leads the pack in MUni and Trials. Question is, if I had his skillset, would I still be too chicken to use it?

I’m pretty darn sure that I’d still be too chicken!!

I would definately choose a hybrid of Kris Holm and Ryan Atkins.


Dan Heaton. Hell, I’d even pick an injured Dan Heaton.

Dan Heaton all the way. His section in Universe 2 is amazing. I think Jacinto is pretty cool aswell though, but Dan Heaton’s still my favourite.

Probably Kevin McMullin because his sponser me vid really inspired me to push my limits. Then probably dan heaton.


Re: if you could have anyones style?

Brian MacKenzie, of course.

Ernest Montego or Rudy Horn.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

If I could have any ones… it would definently be Dylan Wallinger.
and for trials it would have to be Ryan Atkins

hey john

is there any acessable videos of Kazuhiro Shimoyama ? what kind of skills does he do?


hmm i would be me, because with practice you can be as good as anyone! seriously. if you forced me to choose, i would want to GET as good as Dan Heaton at street and Kris at Mountian and trials.

Realizing that it has to be earned and doesn’t show up by magic, I won’t get greedy. No KH or DH wish although they’re both amazing to watch. Just hoping to keep working hard and get near the league of the gang I chase around so regularly: John Childs, Harper, Unibrier, and G3orge. I’d add Unirene, but that would be getting greedy…Level 10 isn’t on my “To Do” list.

Leonard f*cking Nimoy thats who’s style I would have. That man is so cool I mean come on he was spock.

i wrote this post rather quickly my reasons are
Dan- I love street i knew alot of people would say kh but although he is an amazing rider i would much rather go lower and do a 180 or one of those crank grab spin things like Dan in other words i love street!Then do trials lines.
Dylan- He’s a only been riding 2 must be 3 years now and he is amazing and he is was 16 like i am and i feel like i can relate to him kind of…

I was planning to say me, although shadowuni has already said it. For pretty much the same reasons as well really. All the other people mentioned on this thread are excellent, but hey! so am I!

Just not quite as excellent yet as they are (or most of the other people on this forum)