If you are on Strava...

… please spend a couple of minutes on their website’s support section and request for them to create a Unicycle Category. If more of us make such requests, I think we have a fighting chance to make things right :slight_smile:

sorry but…

This seems like a great idea in theory but I fail to see what information a unicycle specific part to this app would accomplish. The app gives out Maps, routes, a profile which clocks personal achievements. What differance does it make if you ride a road bike, mtn bike, unicycle, or scooter. I really do think overall there is nearly not enough demand for this. I unicycle. In the city I live (Hamilton , Ontario. Population 500,000+) in I do not even know of another person who owns one, let alone needs an app to challenge peers with. If you want to talk about improving apps I would say START WITH THIS DAMN WEB SITE! :D*make it more tablet and smartphone friendly. Maybe unicyclist.com could do a strata inspired section if they had an app for this. Sorry about the long winded rant but, that’s my two cents.;):slight_smile:


Will it just state that I was riding unicycle? Or will it create a totally separate category, so that unicycles have separate rankings on the segments or even separate segments?
I still would like to be ranked with bikers as there are no other unicyclists using strava around.

In some of descriptions (regarding e-bikes) I found:
“Each Activity Type has its own specific and separate Segment Leaderboards that will not conflict the “Ride” Leaderboards. You can also change the Activity Type from the Strava App for Android or iPhone.”

What we could do is to request another type of bike. Currently there is Road bike, MTB bike, CX bike and TT bike. So maybe there we could request unicycle?

I think it would be best to have us in the same catagory as bikers (with the option of selecting ‘unicycle’ as ‘type of bike’ of course). Otherwise there would be little point posting ride logs as there would be no other people - unicyclist are pretty rare and all.

That’s what really put me off Strava, the fact that I was always beaten by bikers (who don’t know I’m on a uni). Strava also takes a bit of the fun out of riding - it’s ‘social’, but done alone.

ok i missunderstood

[QUOTE=Jacob Young;1588519]
with the option of selecting ‘unicycle’ as ‘type of bike’ of course.

That makes sense and would get my vote. I’m still really new to strava and did not see this option.


I just put in a request to add unicycles to the "bike types "list.:slight_smile:

I also submitted a request for this.

If that’s putting you off, then you have the wrong attitude to it. Personally I’m happy not to be last on the segments I do on a uni - and very pleased if I can make the top half (I have a few uni segments I manage that on and remarkably one KOM!) Who cares if the bikers know you’re on a uni? If those people who know me think I’m a long way down they can always check my ride where I have the bike listed as a uni (always assuming they understand what “muni” means).

As for it taking the fun out of biking because it’s done alone, well if you’d be riding alone anyway, what difference does it make if you log your rides and compare them with what other people are doing? More sociable than if you weren’t doing that - I do know quite a lot of the people doing the same routes as me.

As for the suggestion to get Strava to add a unicycle category, I’m not quite sure exactly what you want them to do. As discussed, there’s no advantage to selecting an activity type other than “ride” - after all it is a ride on a uni, and you’d be pretty lonely if you had your own category (I have a few nordic ski and roller ski sessions on there, but it’s a bit pointless as I have nobody to compare with). Which leaves you with having a uni as a type of bike - but I’ve just tried to add a new bike, and I can’t see where you select a category - I’ve certainly not selected that for any of mine, but do have “bikes” called “unicycle”, “muni”, “29er muni” and “guni”. If you look at a ride it just gives the bike name, not a category, so who is going to benefit from this extra information?

First response from Strava

Steisy, Jun 08 04:00 pm (PDT):

Thank you for taking the time to share your idea with us! I cannot guarantee any immediate changes, but I will pass your suggestion on to our Product Development Team.

Hopefully you will be able to choose unicycling from our list of activities in the future.

Strava Support Team

My biggest problem with strava? It really encourages bikers… and from the sounds of it uniers alike, to develop this “run over their own mothers to shave a second off their time” attitude. I’ve been run completely off the trail by a few of the more indoctrinated. All it takes is a few bad apples to ruin the bunch and there are plenty of bad apples that don’t care who or what is in their way to moving up the leader board. Safety comes in a distant second.

I can see some merits in comparing your now self against your then self but if I wanted to compete against bike times it seems like riding a bike would be the thing to do.

How could I be faster than bike riders whilst riding a uni if I rode a bike? I’d really like to overtake somebody on a bike whilst riding my uni, but failing to manage that Strava is almost as good (I have to admit to being tempted to Strava stalk and try and meet somebody I know I’m quicker than in the real world - though as mentioned above I do know some of the people riding the trails in real life and it’s interesting to note that some of those I know are slower than me on some segments).

I get your point about people being inconsiderate because they’re on a Strava run - but then those people probably don’t generally need much excuse to be inconsiderate. Personally I tend to ride as fast as possible most of the time (on a bike or a uni) with or without Strava, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be rude or run people of the trail whether or not I’m on a record run. Though on a uni I struggle to worry that much about losing a few seconds, and with my uni/bike mix I’m doing very little mountain biking - hence my Strava PBs on all my uni trails are still uni ones, though I’m starting to get itchy about all those potential KOMs - I don’t think anybody is likely to get upset about me going as fast as possible on my road bike.

The advantage of a sport specific category might be calibrating power and calories burned. When I average 6 mph on a muni ride I am likely generating more than 55 watts:)

I asked the Strava team six months ago and got a similar upbeat response like timoteusmunk received.

Does anyone on Strava want to join a CLUB so we can see each others rides?

I just created the ‘uni muni’ club. If you need a location use ‘Maryland’.


Funny, on the local MTB forum, Strava is a fairly controversial thing for that same reason. Some really like it, but many get sick of all the riders screaming down the hills. I’ve yet to run into one though…

This was posted recently, thought it was funny.

Strava led me to dopeing

[QUOTE=Killian;1588575Strava is a fairly controversial thing for that same reason. [/QUOTE]

Also, Idiots keep posting all the great hidden trails on Strava which makes the Forestry Commission tear them down.*

*Don’t start arguing with me about hidden trails. I am aware of the damage they can do.(EDIT: this isn’t directed at you BTW.)

Does this also work in reverse? Sometimes when I have limited time it would nice to be able to ride for longer.

Unicyclists Strava club: search for ‘uni muni guni unicycle or unicyclist’. Join now. No cheaters:D.

Joined the Strava uni club - the issue I have is that the majority of my rides on Strava are probably on a bike. Are you allowed to have 2 logins on Strava (one uni, one bike) and if so, can I transfer rides from one to another? Apart from for being in the uni club, it would also allow me to ride the same routes on a bike without losing my uni PBs (at the moment my bike and uni routes are mostly separate, but there are some segments on my uni rides I’m itching to have a go at the KOMs for).

I’m sure you could create as many Strava accounts as you like. While I haven’t seen any options for moving rides between accounts maybe something like digitalepo could be used to download and upload the file types between different user names.

I have a few bike rides mixed in with my Uni rides. I edit the ride description to easily identify what I was riding and where. The date (IMHO) is not necessary since Strava puts the ride on the right day.

Welcome to the Strava Uni Club aracer!!! There’s three of us now including my local riding buddy JimmyTheChimp.

Where’s all the others who wanted a specific Uni category in Strava? It’s hard to make the case for special treatment if only three people acknowledge riding unicycles and are prepared to be seen by their peers in a ‘club’.