I won a costume contest at work (pics inside)

All I did was buy a clown mask and bring in my KH uni to work. I have been unicycling down the hall with my mask on all day getting water or just riding around. We had a office costume contest and I won a category…so I got $50.

lol thats one very cool mask. Congrats on winning.

It all looks fun, except for her.

hahaha thats well ace

Obviously she wanted to win, so she was disappointed. :roll_eyes:

What was the category which you won?

“Scariest costume”

which is weird…because I wasn’t expecting to win anything since it was a pretty simple costume, but if anything I would have thought I would have won “most unique” or something. I guess the mask is pretty scary though…

Would you have won anyway without the unicycle? Unicycles aren’t really scary…

Looks like you work with only women… and only one of them wore a costume?

That’s funny, somebody thought of this before you, with the same mask! That’s Lloyd Johnson in the photos.

haha, nah, that is just the one side of the lobby area that did not dress up. All of the costumes were on the other side not show in the picture. There is a majority of men in the office, but looking at that photo it definately does not seem that away.

wow…that is really weird! There were tons of different scary clown masks to choose from (at least 8) at just the shop I went to. There are tons more varieties at other places too.

Looks like he and I have similar tastes.

I noticed that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, congratulations. Now what are you going to do with the money?

The mask was like…13 dollars, so with the 37 dollars I gained off of buying it I will probably take a few of my friends out to dinner tonight on Halloween and buy some Pumpkin pie afterwards to share.

Oh ok, haha. That must be one crowded office.

A co-worker is totally checking out your butt man.

I see alot of women in the picture. Good for you! heh

nah, it’s definately the cool low profile seat!:smiley:

I did that on Halloween night. My friend juggled with a clown mask, and I uni-ed and juggled with a clown costume. It was pretty amazing.

Good for you man! I’m surprised you won with just a mask though, the uni definatley worked.

LOL dude i was just about to say that then i saw your post

Cool, I wanted to be a unicyclist for halloween but my uni wansn’t put together in time so I couldn’t. So I just dressed up as a regular teenager instead.