I Suck :(

I’ve been unicycling for like 2 years mostly on my 20" but that got stolen just shortly after I thought about going extreme on it. Then I got my current 24" and I’ve only managed to overcome the intimidation of managing that thing 2 months back and started on doing more than plain regular riding on it.


I’ve just got one-foot riding like last week and I’ve been trying to wheelwalk and have been deproving since then. AND I can’t hop for nuts. Heck, I’m so stupid at jumping, I can’t even suicide mount because I can’t jump high enough to clear the seat.

The best part is that I thought I’d get myself a 20" again today BUT IT IS OUT OF STOCK!!!

So depressing…

Well… that sucks.

You didn’t mention your age, physical condition or location, so it’s hard for us to offer meaningful words of encouragement. But I do have this: If you can ride one-foot, you are already better than 95% of the unicyclists in the world. Most only ever learn to ride forward and maybe freemount.

Don’t feel too bad, people learn at much different rates than others. Some of these young whippersnappers on the forums (myself NOT included) ride for 6 months and can already reverse suicide triple-wrapped standup backwards wheelwalk mount sonic supreme with extra bacon, while others are still perfecting the fine art of freemounting at that point. Just ride to ride, man, don’t get caught up in learning fancy stuff. It’s not a contest.

I’m 22 which is really 12 years too aware of pain. Well, on the bright side, after starting on a 5km run 5 days a week routine, I’ve gotten a hell lot stronger and more confident on my uni. But I’ve got weak arms so that negates everything.

Just hang in there and ride for fun.
You can change your definition of fun as the mood takes you.

Yeah, just ride for fun and set small goals for the extra stuff you’d like to do. I’ve been riding for 2 years now and I pretty much suck too, if I use something like the ‘Defect’ video to compare myself to. Two really useful things to know, in terms of real world riding skills, are idling and hopping. I’ve been trying to get both of these down for months and still pretty much suck at 'em. Still, when I look back a couple of months to when I first tried, I’m MUCH better at them. Still got a long way to go. I’ve decided to spend a dedicated, but short, amount of time working on these 2 things each day and then just go out and ride around 'cuz it’s so much fun to just ride.

I always tell my son: If it stops being fun, take a break.

Develop expectations based on yourself, not on others.

Hope that helps.

i have riden 2 years to and i cant go backwards so you are beter off than me

So do I. I’ve been riding 5 years (well, 2.5 if you don’t count injuries and self-rehab) and there’s a lot of stuff I can’t do. By this time I should be doing everything Zack Baldwin does… backwards.

I had a similar thought with another hobby.

The lesson that I learned was I’ll get better if I put in an hour a day.
I think most unicycle skills are doable in about 10 hours of practice.

Hey, I used to play the keyboard for about two years!Well, not really play, but rather fool around with it and stuff…Anyways, I had a how-to-play-it book with 13 lessons.And I got stuck on lesson 3 for about a few months.I asked my cousin to explain, he did and then I got stuck on lesson 4 for a few more months.I only finished the book a few months ago, skipping loads of lessons.Then I quit to begin riding.
I took a few months to learn, so I think I’ll stick with it.I just got turns right!As soon as I go semi-extreme('cause I know I won’t go FULLY extreme) I’ll just…have more fun than I’m having already!Besides, you’re only in this for the fun, right?

Don’t worry, you’re not the worst. I’ve got you covered there. :wink:

I’ve been riding for 5 years (sort of), and after being able to hop for three years I have yet to jump higher than a foot. I’ve been trying to wheel walk for about 7 or 8 months now, and I can still only go about 10 feet on a good day. I’ve attempted unispins about 300 times and have landed around 10 of them.

But I still ride around, because it’s fun. Hey, at least you’re better than 99% of the population.

Really, spud? I always figured you as a good rider, like up to par with forrest and spencer.

Heh thanks guys. Well I am putting in an hour or two daily since I am out of work at the moment and all. And today I figured out the main problem behind my inability to wheelwalk - I can’t straighten my right foot and hence have no control over every other stroke.

have you tried putting your seat up a bit. it gives you more control.

Heh, yeah right. If I was that good I would be out riding instead of reading this silly forum! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm. I’m riding a 24" and I’m terribly freaked out about falling backwards so it’s even worse when I have the seat higher - my legs somehow refuse to move.

yea i know that feeling. i ride a 24" and was pretty freaked out at first but you just have to gain confidence. even if you do fall backwards 95% of the time you wil land on your feet.

would it be a good idea to raise the height just to learn to wheelwalk then gradually lower it or would that be like learning all over again?