I need some ideas for a talk! Quick!

I’ve been invited to give a talk at the Cycle Aware Wellington AGM. It’s kind of crept up on me and now I realise that I only have 2 days to get it prepared :astonished: It’s on Tuesday at 6pm!

Anyway, I need some ideas on what to talk about. I was going to do my usual 'throw up lot’s of pretty pictures" and talk gibberish routine, but apparently there is no Powerpoint facilities available- so I’ll just have to talk off the top of my head :roll_eyes: .

Some ideas please…

bicycle’s fall in 2 directions (left and right) a uni falls in any direction…bring that up. most of the curious cyclists i talk to love that topic.

If you can take more than one uni along go through the reasons for the differences in them. your coker is pretty special afterall and very different to a nippy little 20 inch for playing hockey or a muni/trials uni.

the talk I did the other minth, I took along souvenirs of unicons and otehr events and invited people to take a look at the end. I also took some pictures on the lap top and used that to show pictures to people in small groups during coffee.

I ran through a brief history of unicycling, and focused on the British unicycle team at international events in the last 6 years. My talk was to a group of mainly elderly ladies… none of them wanted to try a uni out, tho I did offer them the chance. You might do well with a more techy veiw as your talking to cyclists.

As part of my talk I demoed freemounting, idleing ,riding and skipping. The skipping really impressed them!


All good suggestions! I might bring along a TV set and maybe show some Unicycle DVD’s afterwards. Thanks.

By the way Sarah, what’s a unicycist? :smiley:


Great ideas from Sarah. Try to get into the heads of your audience. What do they need to know about unicycling? Some have probably seen a bit, some probably have no idea what we do, and some want to at least try one.

Others may have tried one in the past. Make sure they understand that 5 minutes or less is a really bad example of learning to ride a unicycle.

So along with Sarah’s ideas, you could even do a quick sample lesson with a volunteer. This way everyone can see what it’s like to start out, and how to spot a beginner.

If there’s room for that, there might also be room for you to do a bit of riding to show the behaviors of a unicycle as well, such as the easy ability to go backwards, turn on one spot, and idle.

Thanks for the tips John/Sarah/Jagur…

I think I broke one of the big rules about giving speeches and talked too much!!! Blah blah blah blah freestyle blah blah hockey blah blah. Never mind, Joe and Rowan helped me salvage the talk and the demo afterwards turned out pretty well. I’ll do better next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers guys,