I need help to choose a giraffe unicycle

I’m not a unicyclist. My son is. In fact he has been making his living as a street juggler on a unicycle throughout virtually every country in South America - for the last 5 years (and he’s only 23…kid’s got balls).
Anyway I’m going to go visit him at the end of the month (although we talk often, haven’t seen him in person for 3 years). A couple questions:
Right now he performs on a 3 wheel unicycle. Because it’s rainy season (he’s in Columbia at the moment), he says the tires slip on each other, so to keep working he wants me to bring down a “Nimbus Performer Convertable Giraffe Unicycle” (I guess it breaks down small enough to get in his big backpack). Anyway, I found 2 versions of it on sale & was wondering what the difference was. There was the white tired version and the black tire (to help differentiate them - also totally different forks). The different sites listed them the same - both extend to 7’ - with almost the exact same text, but they’re obviously different. I can save a lot with the black tire version, but I want to make sure they breakdown the same (text gives the same breakdown package dimension…but I don’t see the same break apart points in the photos). Attached is a photo of each (hopefully they attached). Thanks all



Since he is traveling the nimbus performer giraffe is the only way to go. It can fit in a suit case.

Every proper juggler does. :slight_smile:

As your son is a professional entertainer, the obvious choice is the white one. You want something that will take a maximum amount of set-up, take down and use. Professional performer unis tend to be heavier, but that’s because you want something that will just work, and be harder to break.

Plus it looks nicer.

I was going to say just get the taller one, but if they both go to the same height, the “correct” answer is still to get the more pricey one.

The pictures show two different frame designs. On the black uni, the two sides of the fork do not join together until they reach the upper sprocket area, whereas the fork on the white one comes together right above the wheel. Because of this, the white one is probably lighter (uses less metal). It also looks like it disassembles into smaller pieces than the back one. It looks more showy, as John Foss said.

I’d double check the specs with the retailer, but the white one looks like the more versatile set up for performances.

What’s odd is that the listing on both sites give virtually the exact same description and ad copy sell, plus specs (same size, same saddle, same breakdown package & number of pieces, same height, same designer, same name, etc, etc). The only thing I can think of is that one (the black tired one) is the newer model…which is what I was hoping someone on this site would know.
Is Nimbus a US company (for some reason, I think they’re British), and/or do they have a contact #for a US rep that I could call?..there’s no contact info on their web site.

You’re looking for: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/giraffes-tall/nimbus-performer-series-convertible-giraffe-unicycle.html/


The top nimbus (black wheel) is not a collapsible giraffe. I have that exact unicycle and when performing in another state I had to buy another giraffe that would fit in the suitcase (I got the 3 wheeled like your son has, I know how scary the water can be lol).

Get the white tire version on the bottom, those black clasps running up the frame are the breakdown points. The top Uni is a solid frame.

Great. Thanks for the help

The unicycle your nephew specified is the lower photo (with the white tyre)- the Nimbus ‘performer’ which can be set to 2 different heights and will pack down into a suitcase.

The one in the top photo looks like a Nimbus, and, if so, will be a solid good quality giraffe, but it does not have the 2 height option, and it does not pack into a suitcase- it may be a Nimbus, but it’s not a Nimbus ‘performer’.

Would have been useful to know where you are, but, just in case you’re in the UK, here’s 2 sites that sell the performer-


thanks all. I just ordered the correct one…then it’s off to Columbia.
Here an old video of my kid working the street in Columbia (every father’s dream). For your viewing pleasure here’s an older video that some guy shot of him juggling machettes in the street on a giraffe unicycle (before he started the 3 wheel one). Just the beginning is interesting. After that it’s just him chatting with the guy. I think you may have to change the setting to 240p

Sorry, looks like it may not work on this site

I think the one for the “regular” Nimbus may be an error; mixed up with the copy that goes with the Performer model.

Nimbus is the main house brand of Unicycle.com. If I understand the history correctly, the name comes from the Harry Potter books, and is a brand name of “good” flying brooms. Roger Davis is the originator of that name, and the engineer who designs much of the Nimbus products. He also collaborates with Kris Holm on some projects, and other designers on others.

So the US rep would be Unicycle.com in Georgia.

I am not surprised, but that is pretty damned cool.

Really. Another unicyclist that’s a nerd? Yup. :smiley:

I have the convertable nimbus and it’s just perfect. Last year I travelled a lot by plane, car, bus, ship and it worked just fine.