I need FLUCK motivation!

You should come as well.

Shaun, this may be un-cool :sunglasses: , but if you are not sponsored or going to get sponsored from going there save the $$ for college :o . Once at college take a quarter/semester and travel abroad and do all those things you want to. If you don’t you may end up FLUCKed :astonished: in the end :astonished: . Flipping burgers for a living really bites, no matter how good you are on a uni…

Just my 2 cents

You are sponsored by KH right?
Make him pay the flight over. Or at least parts of it or something. I would pay a little extra for my KH stuff to get to see the best riders from the US on conventions in Europe…

Plus I think you would be great publicity for the KH brand if you went.

… yeah cause no one knows what KH is over there

hey shaun, if you came, i will make you an autograph and i will learn you the crank flip :smiley:

that’s the best convention i’ve ever seen, come or die :smiley:

I will be going to FLUCK. I’ll have the money in my budget and I’ll get the tickets. I’ll be showing up days before though, and leaving days after (If that’s fine with all the organizers and everything, I need to make my money go more days then just 5 days lol) I’m really excited and I hope there is a big turn out. Well hope to see you there.

-Shaun Johanneson

Ok Kristian, you’ve won me over!
Where can i register?


Oi wotch it.

There’s nowt wrong wiv British birds.

I dunno, these foreigners… Coming over 'ere tekking our jobs, tekking us fat birds.