I need FLUCK motivation!

I have to agree completley with you. I would really go UNICON instead of MOAB though, UNICON is so so so so so good. Only Yoggi goes to BUC, I am not sure if he is coming this year though.


Its an extremely great convention…! so many nice and great and cool people are going to be there, you are going to have so much fun both with and without your unicycle. the town where its going to be held is a crappy town though, not very big, but close to the beach. I think it takes about 1½ hour by train to go to Copenhagen, which is a great town, (one more reason why you should consider coming to Denmark). Many unicyclists are living in
Copenhagen and in the Copenhagen area, and im sure all of us will love to show you and everybody else around in our little country, and if you want to come before the convention starts, or stay a little longer after it has finished I’m sure it is possible to figure out something. :slight_smile:
No reason not to go!! (except for not having any money)

Really? I was ready to go out the door go to werever he lives and beat the living sh*t out of him!!! :angry: jking:p but yeah kinda odd

For those who have been there… how is muni at FLUC?

Shaun - grab this chance - scrimp, safe, beg, borrow. Turn it into a little tour of Europe, see the sights, etc.- you’ll meet people at FLUCK who you may want to visit or travel with.
If you don’t go you WILL regret it (as I regret many chances I missed out on), if you do it’ll be a great experience - FLUCK is going to be big and the majority of the top street & trials riders in the world will be there - judging from last year it’s going to be an amazing set-up to ride. Just look closely at the links and say you don’t want to ride that?
Car & laptop - buy cheaper ones. Work hard. it’ll be worth it.
As for BUC versus FLUCK - choose FLUCK. BUC’s got the laid back side (as well as FLUCK) but isn’t as focussed, and is smaller. NAUCC may be closer but isn’t laid back & is more track & gym based.

See you in the summer, in Denmark.

Few more questions

“IS that set up going to be similiar?”
-If so I think is it possible to set up a nice 4 set with a 2 rotation (or more) run, for a best trick down set little contest on the side? Maybe longer run ups for those sick long sliding ledges, it looks basically like all trials course.
"How many german speakers will be there?
-I’ld like to pratice my german.
"Would I basically be able to ride the whole time?
-I love unicycling, lol

The set is going to be bigger and better. Write Jensberg about the best trick competetion I am shure that he would build something like this if you write him.

I think there be up to 100 germans…

If you want you can ride all day and all night but in the nights is more party then riding but it is always up to you if you want to ride to sleep or make party :).

How do I get in contact with him so I can talk to him about the set up. Partying is sweet, haha. As long as there is a run up for the ledge i’m just fine, bust some sick tech grinds.

-Shaun Johanneson

Jens Skakon :

fluck (at) fluck (dot) dk

see you at FLUCK

You’re so right, Lee! I’ve seen films from both conventions, and FLUCK lookes many times better…
I’m going to be there too.

  • Danish girls look better than English girls.

Not to mention the swedish girls…

Speaking of Swedish girls, Felix will be representing them. He’ll be wearing a blond wig during the whole convention. Now if that doesn’t convince you to come, then I don’t know…

Fluck is gonna be great :slight_smile:

And you can buy alcohol when your 16… (if anyone is interested in doing that) :roll_eyes:

Hahahahaha The number one reason to go to fluck for me ^^

I’ve never drunk before, and don’t plan to. That point is useless to me, lol.

-Shaun Johanneson

Good attitude soldier! i tend to have that plan, but have drunk on about 4 occasions 3 of them being at unicon probably ha ha

Shaun, man after my own heart. I used to be a raging alcoholic at 15 but then learnt the error of my ways and chose to care for my body instead of destroy it, my moto is “My body is a temple”. If you live those words, you’ll be drunk every night, on satisfaction and well-being!

You too Lucas, nothin wrong with having alittle drink, but don’t participate in this binge drinking culture our country has slipped into!


mate hope u aint suggestin i am, ill give u a press up competition at BuC then we will see whos competitiive lol ha ha jokes, na i dont drink alot at all, doesnt appeal to me that much, new years eve didnt touch a drink but some how felt super drunk lol HAPPYNESS

Hi Shaun

Yeah, it would be great to have you here in europe.

Fluck is the best Uni meeting i have ever been. Fluck is better than all unicons i have been.
Its more Convention style, only less competitions and much time for riding together, having fun and trying impossible skills.

The Parcour will be bigger than last year and it will be set up more useful for street.
You will not find a better place for riding anywhere else.

It would be fine to ride together
CU in DK

Haha, I’m gonna hold you to that mate! see ya then.
On a more related note, I’m started to feel the urge to come to FLUCK. You guys are very persuasive just don’t know if I can.

Anyway, worth thinking about.