I need FLUCK motivation!

Hey Everyone,

 I'm greatly considering going to FLUCK. The payments for everything is completely out of my pocket. It would be around 1700$ total package for me. Though this isn't a great amount of money, it's a huge set back when I need a new car, laptop, and just money for college by fall 08'. What I need from you guys is motivation. Who is going to be there? Can I find a list of the people registered? Will it be worth the money for only 5 days? How are the "staying over" conditions? Is there freetime where you could just chill with other unicyclists and maybe start your own game or little competition? Are there any street spots in that area to maybe hit up once? How many people are bringing cameras? Will anybody be making a film like the UNIcon dvd from this competition? And who would want me there in the first place? (I figured that would kind of be important, I don't want to go if no one really wants me there.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

-Shaun Johanneson

Shaun, forget FLUCK, come to BUC! it’ll be cheaper, you’ll get to see some sick street riding and meet some great people, hey, even Kevin Mc will be there, so you won’t be the only guy from across the pond.
Then again, FLUCK is a bigger event but I’m not sure how street orientated it is.

Definately worth thinking about,



you can get all information you need there :slight_smile:

It’s nothing fixed now but normaly we will be at Fluck with several pro and semi pro cameras to produce a FLUCK DVD. From Unicon DVD filming we get a lot of ideas how to improve many things to make it much better. So from the video side you should be satisfied with the equipment at FLUCK I think :slight_smile:
I also heard some rumors that there is a small chance to make a second try for a live stream from FLUCK Areal :smiley:

As I know there is indoor and outdoor street and trial parcour and both are big ones and very professional. But I still told you that hahaha.

BUC is for sure an awesome event but at FLUCK should be at least the best street / trial /Muni riders from all over Europe.

Both would be best for sure but would be 3400 $ and so double out of pocket.

You’ll be a celebrity there shaun…everyone will want your autograph…you’ll be on the news

Is that the right sort of motivation to go?

forget the trip, go to college you’ll be glad you made that decision

yeah i was just joking 'round.
$1700 is a lot of money to spend on a uni trip, especially when you have to save up for college.

shaun, come to the trials comp in Calgary in mai, you can stay in my hotel for FREE and we can have some major fun… (babe hunting and riding)… BTW it’s max u have me on msn bro I aint just some creep… :sunglasses:


There is the list of people going. Maybe you and Dan could finaly get some footage!

Holy crap the last day is my birthday, I may actualy go.

BUC you lucky FLUCKers.

Dan is the only one going from the US so far.
It looks like it will be awesome, I would go if I could but thats too far.

Do demos, search for sponsors then you will get a lot of money for the trip (for example my city give me a little bit money for each unicon).

Maybe you can do a trip throw europe after or before Fluck like Jess and Kevin have done after unicon.

You can’t really do that around at least where I am. Demos don’t really go down. I don’t think the U.S. is as open to it as other countries seem to be. All you can hope for is rich parents that are nice, or work your butt off. haha.
Thanks for the list, I didn’t see too many people I knew. Looks good.

-Shaun Johanneson

You could get a job?

(or a second job)

i say fluck, not buc,

buc is only 2 days,

its easy for me to say, i live kinda near both, but i would rather go to fluck,

were driving car down, and well probably get there a day before, to ride street in the city, and maybe we stay a day longer… i dont know, but im sure everybody want you there, youre the king!

Though I’m not into street, all my fellowunifriends from the Netherlands that are commin’ just ADORE you!!!
Isn’t it a possibility to earn some money by lettin’ ya hit by some cars or even ridin’ ya over at the event?? (hahaha)
This “trick” was too wicked… first couldn’t believe it was on purpose!!!
So … I think makin’ the right decision is easy.
( Cya this summa)!!!

And the Belgiums like you to Shaun.
Why didn’t you tell him that Rob? :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope to see you there Shaun.
And otherwise, see ya at MSN :stuck_out_tongue:


If you haven´t seen the videos form 2005 here are the links:

This one is the unicycle part of the convention.

And this one is from the non unicycle part of the convention.

We would love to have you over.



Well, if FLUCK is a 5-day convention, and BUC is a 2-day convention, and people may arrive a day early and stay a day late for BUC, then might people do the same for FLUCK? I think, between schooling, this would be a worthwhile and well-appreciated trip; ~7 days break from the ordinary, visiting a new town and making new memories. I’m waiting for UNICON in '08 to spend pocket money on a big unicycling trip…though MOAB is very tempting.

EDIT: Doesn’t the KOXX-1 team go to BUC?