I need a T-Shirt

I’d like a Tshirt that says:
“I’m not a clown and I haven’t lost the other wheel”
It should be printed on front and back so everyone would see it. I just hate people asking me if I’m in a circus or a clown. And then there’s all these people who think they are so funny by asking where’s the other wheel.

Does someone now where I could get something like this?

Look up ‘T-Shirt Printers’ in your local phone book
I got some t-shrits printed. Laser printing is the best.

Other people will be able to get you much better advice than I can,


Thanks. There should be a t-shirt printring shop around here somewhere

I used to have a free email at ihateclowns.com, but they ended up pulling the plug due to spammers overloading their system, and became a pay site, so I lost my Email address. They have a bunch of T-shirts and stuff, it may not be what you are looking for but you can check it out here if you like. I don’t really hate clowns, but I hate being called one, which is why I liked having that email until I got one at unicyclist.com. Printing your own design will be able to get you exactly what you want though, and if you provide your own T-shirt it should be fairly cheap.

People who ask those questions don’t read T-shirts. Mark my words, they’ll say the same stuff no matter what you’re wearing.

When people ask me if I’m a clown, my usual reply is “No, are you?”

The cheapest way to get simple shirts like that made are iron on transfers. They are available at most computer or office stores. The cool thing about them are you can do color as well as black and white. The bad thing about them are the images don’t last as long; but they are cheap enough to make several.

my $.02