i learnt Wheel walking!!

hey all!
i learnt to wheel walk! i actually learnt a little while ago but now i can go from riding into a wheel walk for about 10meters and then get my feet back on the pedals and continue fwds.
it is pretty hard but very impressive and rewarding!
i rekon u should all give it a go!

Please tell me you’ve been a bit forgetful about changing the title under your name? You can’t be a newbie and able to wheelwalk? Although if you can that would be a nice bit of encouragement. I think I’ve got 5 minutes free to learn this afternoon… :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: i learnt Wheel walking!!


What size wheel you walk’n? When you go back to pedals, do you stop the cycle and wheel idle it while finding your target, or just go for it and hope? Do you keep one pedal on the wheel while the other seeks the pedal? I spent all day Pecking up this mountain, O-Swammy -I want answers! :wink:


Re: Re: i learnt Wheel walking!!

I’ve been trying wheel-walking recently… it’s taking me ages, though. The hamster usually ends up well and truly liquidised after four or five metres.

Phil, just me

Did you concentrate on doing the actual wheel walk further, or getting your feet back on.
cos i can go for a while then fall off, or go for a short distance then get my feet back on.
which did you practice more? the walking or the recovery to riding? :thinking:

ahhh wheel walking,

i must have spent a month holding onto a wall and falling off before i’d even gone a foot.
i think that i was a realy giant leap forward in my balance ability when i finaly learned it.

i takes ages to learn and while your trying to learn it seems like the holy grail that will make your life complete.

and once you learn it you imideatly feel that you have a whole universe of stuff you still can’t do. like one foot wheelwalking, gliding and standup.
koosh koosh backwards wheelwalking, etc etc.

i only realy started to feel confident at wheel walking after i’d managed a meter or two of gliding. i’d still say i can’t realy glide properly i think that if it gets beyond a few meters and past the big “10” i’l consider it cracked.

when i practice wheelwalking skills i always mount straight from the floor,
(one foot on tyre, one foot on ground) i have a 20" unicycle.
and when i feel confident with it then i try to start into it from idling or riding.
(riding realy slowly seems best.)
to get my feet back on i just wait unitill my best pedal is aproching the right place and go for it. shoving my foot down and pedaling forward.

Congratulations Lozza!

I can wheel walk about 10m at best and can’t get back to the pedals (although I actually haven’tr ried this at all yet, I’ve just been focusing on distance). How does everyone avoid leaning forward too much? And please don’t say lean back:).


Lean toward the “other” forward. If you’re not falling off backwards while you’re learning you’re probably not learning anything. You have to fall off backwards and then figure out how to do the corrections to keep from falling off backwards.

Think about learning to ride a unicycle. If you never fell you could never have learned how to correct to keep from falling. And you fell every imaginable way when you first learned to ride.

harpers right, you should be falling backwards just as much a forwards.

it might even help to practice falling backwards just so you stop being afraid to do so.

remember your only 20cm away from the ground

Except when your feet are up on the tire.
Falling off on your back when learning to wheel walk is a hard fall. Ouch.

I can feel Amy Drummond’s evil stare from here!!!

It is highly recommended to wear a helmet whilst learning to wheel walk. Talk about falling off “the other forward” a lot, it’s usually very difficult to stop the back of the head from bouncing off the tarmac during a mean backwards tumble.


Amy Drummond has an angelic gaze, not an evil stare.

I found elbow pads to be more useful. That’s where I would take the hit. I was rolling by the time my head touched the pavement. Now, I land on my feet when I fall off backwards anyway and I let the uni fly forward in front of me. If I don’t try to catch it I usually don’t go down.

Re: i learnt Wheel walking!!

[yea, actually i didnt even realise that was under my name until you just pointed it out (coz i’m a new member;)
i don’t know how to change it either, mby u could help me out there?

Re: changing your title

Go to FORUMS, then find the “user cp” button. Go to EDIT PROFILE and find CUSTOM USER TEXT. There you can change your title. Don’t check the “reset” box.

Thanks for the advice. When I’m not wearing my 661’s I do sometimes feel a bit worried about falling. I’m not worried about falling onto the ground though, I’m worried about the pedals swinging forward quickly and biting my calves. I’ve already done this and it hurts with metal pedals. I will try to fall off backwards onto the grass though just to get my confidence back.


Congratulations lozza,

Both me and James have just started wheel walking, I have not measured how far i can go in meters but i can put alternate feet on the wheel just under 20 times. I have loads of trouble going from wheel walking to back on the pedals though, so even though i have learnt to ww It still looks really crap cos i cant land it at the end. Any tips on this would be nice!

Also, how much more difficult is it to go from ww to one foot ww? Is it the same kind of step up as riding to one foot riding was? Will it be easy to learn?

what tire?

Do you reckonwheel walkin’ is easier on a trials uni with a knobbly tire? 'cos i reckonitis buti’ve seenmorepictures of people WWing on freestyle unis with smooth tires

Re: what tire?

Ben is eating breakfast at the table right now and I posed this question to him. He feels that ww’ing a freestyle tire is easier because there is some twisting involved in ww’ing and the freestyle tire turns more easily. Perhaps if a trials tire was pumped up hard, it would ww better but who wants a hard trials tire? I also imagine (I say imagine 'cause I can’t ww yet) that a harder tire would give better control. I don’t think it’s a traction issue if the proper shoes are worn.

My most humblest of opinions,


Occasionally when I fall off backwards while wheelwalking I get my right foot stuck between the crank and the wheel as I take my foot off the wheel. This generally ends up being painful…

Phil, just me

I’ve done the same thing twice. We must be spiritually connected in some horribly perverse manner. I think I will go home and sacrifice a cell phone.