I just passed out whilst riding.

I was outside riding on my newly assembled trials course, having the time of my life and keeping the dogs amused, when all of a sudden i woke up lying on the cement in a cold sweat…

the last thing i remmember was gapping from a skinny to a platform, the platform is now missing a leg and i cannot bend my left leg at the knee from pain(the same leg/knee i used to have trouble with playing soccer).

a leg for a leg?

needless to say the dogs found it most entertaining.

Shit, must have been scary.

disorientating mostly, i didn’t know what had happened.

whats odd is that i have never passed out/fainted before.

crap Tom, i hope you are ok…
Does your head hurt or anything?

Did you remember if you fell on or hit the platform? Is that what caused it? Wow thats weird. :thinking:

I’ve passed out once before.
Me and my friend had been riding back to his place because we just went for a ride, and it was a hot day. When I got to his house I just grabbed his razor scooter and I jumped down this mini stair. I fell in the wrong place and I felt WEIRD. I heard a buzzing sound, heat raised around my body and I didn’t talk. Anyway I followed my friend through the door down the passage. I saw buzzing things in my vision and my ears were still ringing, but I didn’t talk. When I got to the kitchen my friend had a drink, then he and his mum asked me if I wanted a drink and they had the glass in their hands.

I just stood their frozen, breathing. They were saying “Brandon” “Brandon…?” (thats my name BTW) And suddenly I was in a chair next to the kitchen, not knowing that I passed out until my friend told me. I felt so hot and bad. It turned out that I was dehydrated. When I fell of the scooter, that set it off.

It’s a weird feeling. (My friend’s mum caught because I fell backwards, if she didnt run behind me and catch me my head would of went into the floor =]

I have passed out many a times, but i have always got lightheaded before hand and knew i was about to.

It usually happens from me locking my knees or from listing to stories about injures(The second is annoying and embarrassing).:frowning:

It dosent hurt…until you wake up.

Not really clear from your post what happened. Do you mean you might have fallen over and knocked yourself out? Do you have a bump on your head?

If you just ‘passed out’ for no apparent reason and no warning before hand (feeling lightheaded/faint), then you really should get checked out. There are some serious things that could cause that. But most commonly it’s just a simple faint.

lol very wierd.I know how that feels because i felt really sick one morning when i went to school and i just collapsed in the middle of the floor in the classroom and i “woke up” and found that everyone was laughing at me

The last time I had blood taken I had a seizure and passed out, apparently it is pretty common to get seizures though when people are taking your blood.

I think it was shock, i believe now that i hit my knee on the frame(right in the position where i foolishly keep a really sensitive nerve ending). I have passed out from that before but not for many years. My head was only dizzy, not really headache and there is no bumps that i can find, well no new ones.

i will check it out with my gp next week though.

fine now :slight_smile: although it feels like my knee is softening the swing of a small wrecking ball every half second…

Ouch, nerve endings in awkward spots.

Glad you’re okay after all. Hope your knee gets better too.

Oh, that sounds painful. Does that mean that it could possibly happen again quite easily? That could be a real risk if you are attempting a larger jump in a high place and the same thing happens. Do you wear knee and shin pads?

Wear a helmet!

It wasn’t clear if you were wearing one or not, but if you weren’t and hit your head (you may not even feel a lump or bruise), there’s a good chance you wouldn’t remember exactly how it happened. It could have been a lot worse.

Most serious bike and motorcycle accidents are by riders not wearing helmets. (multiple fractures, compound fractures, paralysis, death, brain damage, etc.)

i do when i am practicing street. But i had none of for trials. Just mucking about in the back yard. yeah it is a problem which could happen again very easily, i can hardly bear even tapping the inside of that knee on something. i am going to have to look into a knee protection brace thing.

I Helmet up when i leave the house :slight_smile: but i was only danging about that yard, I wasn’t even 40cm off the ground. I didn’t even think to go for a helmet and that is the first time i have come close to hitting, or hit, my head whilst riding.

a little scary actually now i look back on it, although my knee is better now. just aching a little.

quite painfull. It should be better enough by the end of today.


Wow sounds scary, but the good thing is that you’re ok!

I’ve passed out before…but only pamphlets!:stuck_out_tongue:

wow you got a nice school community :astonished: that kinda sucks!!! i’ve never passed out… and to thread started; Had you been drinking enought?

Im not sure it was about 7 years ago lol

I’ve had the same thing happen to me but I didn’t even know where I was whem I “came to”. My friend told me I went down the snake run and I’m thinking I hit my head(Still not sure). I was out for like 2 hours. Well I wasn’t out for 2 hours but I can’t quite quite remember those 2 hours. It sucked to because I was at Kona in Jacksonville.:frowning:

Hope your knee feel’s better!!!