I just passed out whilst riding.

ooo. Sounds like a kid we had in the Ski Patrol Building once. Well, i wasnt there, but got the full story about it.

This kid went off of one of the bigger kickers i think, and ended up not being able to control what he was doing. He aparently, from what he said, did a backflip. He went to his friends in the challet, and they took him to the patrol room. From what my dad and brother tell me, the kid had a concusion, and had severe loss of short term memory, and repeated himself, for about an hour. He said “woah! I must have done a triple backflip!”, every 30 seconds.

eh, i dont like being around conusions, considering they normally are acompanied with vomiting. I do not like to watch vomiting. I can stand anything else, but i cant stand vomiting.

woo, ski patrol this winter yay.

GL tom.