I just painted my rim...


It goes well with my pink shoes. Unicycles are the ULTIMATE fashion accessory.

Oh wow, how did you keep the logo intact?

I’ve wanted a pink rim for a while now.

haha!! I just got the same question on MSN from a friend. I taped it. It’s A HELLLLLLL LOT of trouble though.

get pink pedals, a pink clamp, and a pink seat and you’re set. the whole black on pink thing is pretty cool though.

get the koxx1 pink lady seat…

and defo spray that seat clamp pink too…

btw you can get a pink freestyle 20" tyre… maybe you should get that… and maybe spray those pedals… i’m sure u could get some pink ones though.

Why would he want a freestyle tire on his trials?

making the tire pink would make it too pink. if that makes sense. You want pink on black not black on pink. So black parts with pink components. The tire is too major of a part to make it pink.

yeah i know, but he never actually said he rode trials… it was kinda of a joke cause like gordito said it would look pretty crap cause thr rim and the tyre would be different colours anyways.

Paint the seat clamp and get a pink bumper and handle if u can. or just paint it:D Oh and a nice new seat just a plain black KH fusion freeride or sumin



My apologies fluxusmaximus.

No offence, but that is hideous. All the colors don’t match; yellow, pink, orange and black? Get matching parts, and make it look PIMP! (ie seatclamp + seat!)

No offence Danni, but you have crap taste.

it looks awesome !

The rim looks really good, did you unlace the wheel to do it?

Yea I hate the seat color myself… it’s tearing so I’m gonna change it. You have to remember that where I am, we haven’t much of a choice for uni parts. Heck, I’ve been trying to find shinguards for the past few months without success!

I’m gonna get odyssey pedals soon… do they have pink ones?

Nope, I was asking Owen here how to get my tire off. I struggled with the thing for a full half an hour before i figured that it’s pointless.

That’d be me :stuck_out_tongue:

oh well, you did a good job of taping it up though !

I think the colour scheme is really good. The rim looks awesome! I might consider doing the same some time.

Is your frame black or chrome? :s

you did a great job with it.


its chrome

Woah! I would have thought you would have at least taken the tire off. That is a really imressive tape job:)
So did you just put tape over the alex sticker too?

Oh and they don’t have pink odyssey pedals. The did a few years ago as the special edition color but you probably couldn’t find a set of those anymore.

Gusset make pink pedals. They are called Slim Jim, look in any bmx shop.

BTW, that is one awesome masking job! I was thinking about painting my hub pink but couldn’t think of a way to keep the laser etched logo.

Rock on!