I just got my first 36er and....WOW

No I hear you, you guys make sense. I agree it is a bit hard. I’ll still try to practice it somewhat but awhile back I had the notion that idling was THE skill to have if you had to pause a bit on the road, which was a big reason why I practiced it. Even to this day I’ve yet to use it though haha…

Then awhile back I also saw a video in the video section about this guy commuting and there’s the red light and he’s bunny hopping, even though bunny hopping on a 36er also seems a bit tiring but I wouldn’t really know since I’ve yet to master it since the 36" arrived.

I definitely need to practice mounting on abnormal roads. Like slanted, big bumpy roads, crampy roads. I don’t think I’m able to free mount and ride off in a perfectly straight line always. Like, lets say just for the sake of the example, there’s two rows of cars to the left and right and I had about 2.5 - 3 ft from side of car to side of car. I probably wouldn’t have the confidence to do that. I commonly do a bit of a swerve to catch my balance on mounting, even with the 26.

At the moment I’m thinking about the T-Bar. I wonder if it can handle a drop in case of a upd. I would also think if I had to suddenly dismount, it would be a lot harder with the t bar in my way in the front. Also wondering if having it would make swerving harder due to the extra weight in the front.

We will see in a day or two.

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