i just bought a really awesome new helmet

now i still need several more pieces to complete my outfit.

first step is to dremel out those ‘painted vent areas’ it’s pretty hot in there pretty quick!

I like your new rig. Careful when you UPD to the front; that thing’s gonna dig in and you’re going to eat it.

Probably not as bad as those stormtroopers chasing through the Northern California woods of Endor, though. :slight_smile:

Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?

that is the coolest thing i have seen all week

i am very short for a storm trooper. just right for a scout trooper though :smiley:

looks more like a techno-nun :smiley:

Do you honestly think that will protect you while bowling against me? I thought you knew better.

it would be unnecessary in simply confronting you based on your bowling skills alone.

i would need to control both sides of the Force (neither which is in grasp of the simple Scout Trooper) in order to curtail your bowling ethics

Yes I know harper’s shirt is backwards. the image looks far more menacing with us facing each other

Wow, Brian looks like Michael C. Hall. Has anyone here seen Dexter? Six Feet Under? I normally don’t watch television, but Dexter is exceptionally good.

…but is it ANSI rated and CSPC approved?

A friend of mine has a full stormtrooper outfit.

I’ve often thought about borrowing it for a ride/photoshoot, but there are ‘issues’ with the crotch area.

i was originally thinking stormtrooper, but the guys i met said they can barely sitdown. luckily the scout trooper armour may as well say 661 on them :slight_smile:

2nd choice was the snow trooper, but that dang kilt thing :frowning: