I hopped 44cm high!

Hey today i hopped 44cm high…is that okay for me ive been unicycling for 9 months and im 4’ 11".

is that below average or right on target or is it above average?

nice, I think its about adverage

Well done!

That’s very nice for a twelve-year old. (Says me, my tops is 54cm)

cool…any other comments?

don’t worry about it. just keep practicing. It doesn’t matter if you are getting better faster or slower than any unicyclists, just have fun

average, but probably high for your hight and experience combined

Darnit, whats that in inches?

Ive been cycling for 6 months, And Ive done 60 cm, at the moment Im just able to do 50cm though :( And by the way, Im 13… So is it good or average or…??
And is there any ways to improve high jumping easily?

I think its about 19" +/- 2" , not sure though

44 cm = 17.3 in.

50 cm = 19.7 in.

15 cm = 6 in., which is about all I can do after over 2 yrs of riding. Be gentle now, I’m old and afraid of breaking stuff.

So how many centimenters is 28 inches?

OK lets do some mental math


what does 28 inches equal?

28in X 2.54 = 71 cm

OK i used a calculator, I am lazy

Sweet man that is great! my highest is like somewhere in the 50-60cm mark… but I can only land 30-40cm on a regular basis…

Sweet! that awesome

My highest is 50 cm, and I’ve been riding for about 6 months. I’m 6’ 3" so it probably is easier to hop.

I am 6’1 so I also got an advantage like you…

44cm is slightly over 17"

Yea i prolly work on hopping 10 to 30 minutes a day, not big on it, only after my warm up of some street stuff, im 5’6 and am supposed to actually start getting growth spirts (big ones this to next year)! voice just started cracking, so when i grow, i cannot wait untill i can jump higher.

yesterday I did 47cm sidehop to rubber!


good job…im around 50cm right now…hoping to get higher soon…does any one have tips to jump higher?