? I have noticed.......

I have noticed that the munis and some unis of more advanced members of this forum have the front of the saddle cocked up.
It does show for example on Geg’s Harper avatar.
What is the reason for this. please ?:slight_smile:

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My miyata on my muni was tilted up because the seatpost bent. Its nice to have a bit of upwards tilt though, it seems to make it more comfy, especially when riding downhills.


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This was explained to me by nosimaj, and if I understand (and remember) correctly, it causes you to sit further back on the seat, where it is wider. This makes it more comfortable (and the front part of the seat where it curves up is, um, less in the way). I haven’t tried it yet. You need seat rails to do it, I think.

(the idea seems counter-intuitive at first, but it must work…)


I first heard about it from Kris Holm who preferred the tilted seat. The first tilt rail adapter I got from Steve Howard. I noticed that as the front of the seat was raised it produced a slope in the saddle which caused my pelvis to rock back and place more weight on the wide, back part of the seat.

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)I have noticed that the munis and some unis of more advanced members of
)this forum have the front of the saddle cocked up.
)It does show for example on Geg’s Harper avatar.
)What is the reason for this. please ?:slight_smile:

With the seat tilted up, you get to sit back on your sit bones a lot more;
it’s more comfortable for most kinds of riding. It also gives you a better
grip on the handle, if any.

Without any long technical explanation… it’s more comfortable.

Another thing: if you ride off road without a handle, tilting the saddle up at the front makes it just a bit less likely to fall out from between your thighs when you stand up on the pedals.

I’ve got a friend with a DM (the more expensive of the two standard models) and his seat has a major upwards tilt. He hates it cos it crushes his ***'s; he’s just ordered a new seat.

I’m sure I’ve read posts in which some people said the same of the Kris holm seat, but others said it was relly comfortable so I guess it’s down to individual anotomy.

Has anyone experimented with getting a similar tilt on a four bolt seat, by putting extra washers under the first two bolts?

That works fine, but there is a limit. The only problem I have had with the nose up is the transition to and from seat in back.

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>You need seat rails to do it, I think.
Not really. With a normal four-bolt connection there usually is some
forward/backward play, and since the plates (both the underside of the
seat and the plate on the seat post) are curved you can chose the
angle somewhat. In addition you can use washers on the front two
bolts, but again to a limit.

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A high front is especially important on giraffes. When you hit a bump, for example, if your body continues moving forward before you can torque on the pedals, it’s a lot easier for the seat to pop out from between your legs. High fronts are good.

On regular unicycles, I like it a little high, but not as high as some of the more extreme tilters. It’s a compromise between sitting comfort and crowding your jewels under there.

TU Gents !!!

This Q was bothering me for quite a while. I am fulfilled by now and know ,sternly ,that the truth is located betwex squashed jewels and the sit bones.
I have personal liking of KH sit. It is quite embracing from back to front. Albeit personal assets are uncomfortable, at times only,probably subject to the perstonal talents. Ha…! give and take … in action.


That’s probably because the DM seats are terrible rather than anything to do with the angle. Nice unicycles, rubbish seats. The seats also break really quickly if you drop the seat much and are badly finished, mine had sharp metal bits on the underside that cut me.