I have 40mm cranks on my Coker

I’m gonna try them out tomorrow


you’re my hero, i’ve always wanted someone to try that then write about it on rsu. let us know how it works out


edit: tell us if you break the sound barrier

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my documented first attempts -> to successful completion will somehow make their way into my special features

as will the welder cutting down 127’s into 40’s

they are not complete yet, but when he is done, they will look like never altered (no weld line), store bought 40mm’s (by using a ‘flap-disc’ on his grinding wheel, pretty neat!)

i hope your not paying to much for those? i cant see any real benefit that would make up for the loss of control and safty.

im curious to see if you can even free mount and get it going at all?

me too. (the whole purpose of this free project)

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no good can come of cranks so short on a wheel so large. i wish you luck friend but honestly it sounds like suicide. hope you have brakes on that coker.

how many attempts do you think it’ll take?


Brian. you do realise you’re gonna die don’t you?

Well, I hope it’s in the least painfull way possible atleast…

unless you film it…

If my calcutations are correct, I should be able to reach 425mph


I will not be able to get going that fast anyways, I will be in the woods

I want to try it soooo bad…

:: Shakes with need for one wheeled speed ::

are u sure there are cranks in that picture? it sorta looked like you just attached the pedals on either side of the axle…


hahahaha i want a try!!!

nice knowing you pal!!!

take videos!!!


God Speed!

Telling Brian to take videos… Now that’s funny.
He videos everything. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your test runs. It does look a lot like a 36" BC wheel. If anyone can pull it off, you probaly can. My I suggest wearing every piece of protective gear you own?


Sounds like fun- the shortest I’ve ridden is 65mm on a 28"- it’s the strangest feeling- you glide along with minimal ankle movements, and don’t realise that you’re going really really fast, until you need to turn or stop.

It’s been nice knowing you on this forum.


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I looks to me, it should feel like a wobbly BC wheel with a seat. Try it on a steep hill and you’ll probably break the speed limit, if not the sound barrier and all the bones in your body.

Pep talkers you are not!

notice how he has’nt posted recently…mmmmm…makes you wonder. I think we all saw this coming