I hate unicycling

when it is hot outside. I have a black Bell Helemet and It gets very hot unicycling

then dont ware ur helmet… problem solved, now do u love unicycling again???

buy a helmet with lots of ventalation.

ok I hate unicycling when it is hot and I don’t have a helmet on

it won’t matter becuase it is around 100degrees here :astonished:

get your helmet. buy a small motorised fan. stick the fan out from the helmet so when ever you go riding you can switch the fan on. i did it once on a hat. it worked pretty well but im not sure about jumping up and down with it. it also looks really gay.

How is it that would look gay. It’s typically old people that do goofy things like attach fans to hats and things not homosexuals.

I hate unicycling when its raining outside :angry:

I hate unicycling when it’s raining outside and Robbie’s garage is filled with cars :angry: *

i hate unicycling even more when it’s raining inside.

yep, you know you are super unlucky when that happens.

This thread loses. Ride after dark, or early in the morning, when it’s cool.

to many bugs at night

It’s not only hot here, but incredibly humid; so much so, that by the time I get the uni out of the garage and mount it, i’m literally dripping with sweat.

That excuse wins at lame.

worst excuse ever, you pansy.

use some OFF!

Come live in the South…then it’l be nice and hot

It’s very hot where I live too. About 30 degrees on a cool day… And very humid.

So, what I do, I practice for about 20 minutes than just sit and relax for like 15 minutes(as long as it takes me to stop sweating), then I practice for another 20 minutes and so on. Try to stay in the shade too(duh!).

Still, even with all the precautions I come home feeling very dizzy, swaying from side to side and sweating like a maniac. It’s getting annoying.

I’ll go unicycle now.

I hardly ever let the heat get to me!!!

Keep hydrated and keep riding! Dont let any excuse stop you, no more of the too hot, too dark, too early, too humid, too dry, too many bugs, dont even waste you time trying to come up with a reason not to ride. You know you want to ride, just go outside, suck it up, and keep going.

I know I have stayed in during the day cause I was saying it was hot, but then, after a few mins, i just said “Screw it, even if it was snowing outside, I am still gonna come home hot and sweaty.”

Don’t think of the weather, just ride in it.

you could always ride in the pool!

Hot or not: always use protection gear.
If I look at the scares that came through my 661’s than I’m glad I use them all the time.

Peter M