I got to be one of THEM!

So, the guys at work know I unicycle.

However, someone else in the office was digging through a box looking for something. One comment was something along the lines of him looking like a trained monkey, yadda yadda yadda, they broke into the circus song!

I joined in :slight_smile:


:thinking: NO!, how could you? :astonished:

I have heard that song way too many times while riding my unicycle. I would never want to do that to anyone else.


I’ve only gotten that twice! Do not as many Canadians know the “circus song”; at least in connecting it to unicycles?

How often to do people hum it to you as you ride?

When I hear it I always tell people to Fucik off, if you get my drift

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You might be on to something. When riding this past weekend, we were hummed at by a group of canadian teenagers. The bird dance. They did not perform the actions.

I used to hate getting the circus song. Now I absolutely LOVE it and I look forward to the next instance. Here’s why…

As soon as I hear it, I stop riding and start questioning rather urgently and emphatically, “ARE YOU IN THE CIRCUS?! BECAUSE THAT’S THE CIRCUS SONG! ARE YOU IN THE CIRCUS??? ARE YOU A CLOWN???”

It’s not the reaction they expect. It’s fun. And it gets the point across.

Hey buddy, where’s your wheel?

It’s generaly people reacting in what they seem to think is a positive manner.
Put yourself in their place. How often do you see other unicyclists without seeking them? It’s a knee jerk reaction. I’m not sure why some of you find this to be offensive. Except for thin skin, or another person looking to expell his or her pent-up frustration. It’s boring, really.

Ok I am impatiant and no one has gotten my reference yet.

The song is Entry of the Galdiators by Julius Fucik

What’s the circus song? I’ve never heard it…

Quit clowning around. The circus song is derisive.

clown – A buffoon or jester who entertains by jokes, antics, and tricks in a circus, play, or other presentation.

Is it that “dit dit diddle diddle dit dit did-it, dit dit diddle diddle dit dit did-it, dit diddle dit dit dit diddle dit dit, diddle-diddle-diddle-diddle-dit dit diddle diddle dit dit did-it,…” over and over?

Yup, and I think thats the best typed rendition of the song I’ve seen.

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I still think he could have named the song better… or written a song that sounds like Gladiators are Entering… Like, that song at the end of Excalibur where the knights are all thundering off to do battle, and there’s the latin-esque singing… THAT’S a song that says “Ready or not, I’m gonna cleave you!” :smiley:

“Entry of the Gladiators” should have been named “Entry of the light-hearted entertainment…” :wink:

Personally, I thought he was a little flat on some of the high notes.

Sorry, I never took singing lessons. My keyboard is old too, so it’s hard to get the right notes out of it.

OMG Nick, I think you just hit upon the essence of what’s wrong with the circus song…


Singing that song not only equates me to a clown (buffoon, jester, see my definition above), but it makes me their silly entertainment. It twists and perverts everything. A clown employs physical comedy and that’s the emotion that is evoked by the song (far more so than simply asking if you are a clown).

If someone had a disability that caused them to walk funny, would the circus song be respectful? What about doing a Charlie Chaplin impression?

Some people ask if I’m a clown or in the circus. I don’t mind the question. Especially if it comes from kids. They are just asking. But the “circus song”… that’s never appropriate behavior.

Can someone please make a video, or atleast a recording of the circus song so I can hear it?:slight_smile: I don’t care if it’s any good or not.

the fact is that “entry of the gladiators” is a rather complicated tune!
I am wondering if people get it well.
you should learn it and complete the tune when people sing it becausse almost nobody knows the whole music.
as a replacement I get “Barnum Circus” or “vive la piste” ( a french circus tune).

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Re: I got to be one of THEM!

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> Can someone please make a video, or atleast a recording of the circus
> song so I can hear it?:slight_smile: I don’t care if it’s any good or not.


orig. url:

It goes on and on and on and on andonononon…