i finished building my geared unicycle

it works. we had get a long piece of metal. cut it and make our own crankshaft out of it so it doesn’t brake. now everything can be removed and changed or fixed video will be up when my camera is charged

nice job!


You should of just kept all your Guni work in your original thread, but whatever.

Would get abit confusing

btw please post a vid!

Confusing is where there are 3 or 4 threads about one guni in different stages. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, id like to see the video. You have a pretty high gearing ratio, so its gonna be fun to watch, specially when you really crank it up to speed.

i would rather have the separate threads that way i can quit reading about the progress and still see the final product.

cant wait to see it.

keep up the different threads. New gets views. looking forward to the video

here is the video

Nice work man!

It’s great to see something like that :slight_smile:

I hope you get rid of that play a bit.

That’s so awesome. Once again, I love the fact that you get to build such awesome stuff.


Well congrats on seeing the simplicity of a compact jackshaft! The more gunis the merrier!

May I suggest a tip? Use a front disc brake hub shell (w/ bearings to fit your axle) and drill a cog to fit the disc rotor pattern. That will eliminate all slop.

Again nice job and keep on fabricating!

really cool, Nice fabrication.

Nice job and a very impressive way to inexpensively realize a relatively complex problem. In the video you look fairly comfortable with the high gear ratio. Have you ridden geared unicycles before this one? Do you plan to do any refining to reduce the chain slop? That’s a difficult problem to tackle without adding too much friction to the drive train. What is the diameter of your new axle at its narrowest point between the cranks?

i have ridden a geared unicycle before and ive ridden cokers so i was kinda okay at it. no plans to reduce chain slop but i want to find way i may just play around with different sprockets. all the parts are removable and replaceable and the whole axel can pop right out if i want it to and the diameter of the axle is 5/8 inches

This is getting pretty beefy. That’s 15.8mm diameter and the standard unicycle axle is 17mm diameter. The next caution with respect to the axle is its toughness. I made two 17mm axles out of soft steel, probably from one of the 1010 or 1020 series alloys. Both of them twisted at the taper when there was a large amount of torque applied. I eventually made axles out of hardenable steel and have had no problems with these.

Just keep this in mind. Even when trying to ride smooth and fast, geared unicycles require tremendous starting and stopping torques.

Good luck, go fast, and remember it’s better to stay on than fall.

+1 :smiley:

:smiley: You’re a very artistic and creative person bob1993. Keep up the good work. :smiley:

Awesome! (and I’m not just saying that because I know harper is reading this thread)

It’s so cool that you’re able to make a unicycle like that. Have fun with it and the iterations that are sure to follow. What fun!

That was great! Thanks for sharing the process with us. Your dad is to be commended for all the work he did. It is wonderful you could spend time like that together. You got hangout time AND a Guni! Can’t beat that deal! I enjoyed your video. Now one moer time… how big is the actual wheel and what is it geared to again?

very nice. good job, have you ever thought of making them to sell?

its a 26in wheel geared to 34in. it was originally geared to a 60 but that was too high.