i finished building my geared unicycle

idk it was pretty hard making one and who would buy it for the price of just the parts. my dad spent around 150 to build it but we had most of the stuff lying around the house. to build it from scratch you could just buy a coker and save some money

sounds good:D
or even better a Goker, a geared coker. you could go so fast you could fly if you had wings:p

i tried one of those at CMW it was geared to a 56 it was fun

Wouldn’t that be a Sclumpf then??? :smiley:

If I had a lathe… I would probably be building a Guni already.

I love that using a disc hub idea… very smart!

Thats awsome! Be insain if you could out a vid of how fast you can go max on it. :sunglasses:

Everyone “gets to” build awesome stuff… the thing is, most people don’t take up that opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:

bob1993 didn’t use a lathe, what do you need one for? Why not start with some off-the shelf components?

Great job man, that looks so crazy.

I’d rather build some custom axel than use off the shelf stuff.

I believe lots of mountain bikers use 20mm thru-axels or “Maxels”

I would take advantage of that design, but use a solid axel instead for strength obviously.

It’s also nice to have a lathe for marking a circle on a cog to drill holes in if you were to use a disc hub. Though if I had the tools, I would much rather make all of my own parts… and if I had the money for those tools, I’d probably just buy a Schlumpf hub and build a Coker around it after looking at how much work it is to design and build something of that nature.

I enjoy making stuff from scratch, not just modifying off the shelf components. I was going to take Manufacturing again this semester, but the school wouldn’t let me because I already have the grade 12 credit, as well as being a T/A for that class.

i didn’t use a lathe. my lbs recommended it but i found a better way using a front bike wheel with a drum brake setup where i just took out the brake and slipped in some bearings and pipe

Your self-contradiction reinforces my original suggestion… why re-invent the wheel? Use some off-the-shelf parts and you’ll be off and running with your new design much, much quicker… isn’t bob’s project enough to convince you?

Very resourceful…

Yes, but it’s more fun, and more of a challenge in my opinion.

Sometimes I am very lazy though.

I am very impressed

What tools did you use ? A mig welder ? I agree that using off the shelf parts whenever possible is a great design idea. Saves work. Always important ! LOL :slight_smile:

I wish I had a mig welder. I have this idea that the fastest guni should have a chain and sprocket on each side of the wheel. This would reduce drive line drag from the 2 chains in series, to just the drag of a single chain (one for each pedal). On a 36, there is room to put the pedal sprocket below the wheel axle, also lowering the center of gravity.

Bravo ! and thanks for sharing. And thanks to your dad to !:slight_smile:

yea we used a mig welder, a sawzall, socket wrenches,drill, tap, grinder,and an oxy-aceline torch. nothing special.