I FINALLY got my Moab Pics up.


My Webshots pages

All you guys that rode my giraffe, they are all here.

Note that last years Moab pics are right behind this years.

If anyone has the time, there are also lots of Kayaking and Hash House Harrier pics.

Ed Hansen

Nice pics. You got more Arches pictures than unicycling pictures. :slight_smile: Arches has a way of making you take pictures.

Did you go to Arches before or after the Muni Fest weekend? Looks like you got quite the Arches tour going all the way out to Double O Arch.

I like the one of Kris hopping from that rock (looks like he is going for distance). It looks real intense. John is right, you’ve got arches galore! But thats ok, I’m flat footed. (bad joke)


Yeah, he was doing leap of faith or something like that. You basically had to jump as far as you could into the sand pit. You didn’t have to land it. Kris fell bothe times, which I thought was a good strategy. I tried it though, and I barly got 4.5’. He got something like 7’11" on his best run, tied with Krazy Karl.

Thanks for posting the pix! Yes, the ones of Kris Holm are definitely some of the most striking. It doesn’t get much more intense than the look on his face!

I also liked the pictures that had me in them; I don’t get too many of those. And the moon picture! You got the shot I was trying to take, while my camera was (unbeknownst to me) in the Soft Focus mode! The little mode dial is too easy to turn when the camera goes in and out of the bag. I’m shopping for a new camera now. What do you have?

Also thanks for the Easter egg.

Many of you may remember the Sexy Red-head Judge for the “Leap of Faith”, wearing the black “GUILTY!” hat. She was the one who took nearly all the pics. I’m not sure what kind of camera, but it’s kinda an old one. I’ll ask her what it is later tonight.

We hit Arches the day before (Friday) and hiked for 9 1/2 hours, actually. Also, why we were late to the Chinese Dinner.

John: I needed a box, and that was sitting in front of me. It was the correct size and appropriate for the season. Thanks again.


Similar shot, different angle here:


Not sure if I took this on his first or second leap, I think second. Your’s must have been on his other turn, as I assume your photog was the nice red-headed woman who in my picture appears to be standing idly by with no camera in hand. Would have been cool if my photo captured your photo in the making…