I built a coaster uni

Last night I saw a video of someone off this board riding a uni that had a seat which he was holding out front and pegs so he could only coast. I was inspired by it and built one of my own. It’s a little bit different. Here’s what I made it out of:

S&M 4 piece bmx handlebars
Specialized 20 in. dirt/street fork
Specialized bmx threadless stem
Alex triple wall 48 hole 6061 aluminum rim
Specialized 20x2.0 casino street tire
GT gnurled pegs

The only problem is I can’t ride it. Does anyone have any tips? I’ve only ridden about 10 feet on it.

That was probably mine your referring to. was it this vid: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuo09
Can you coast of your normal uni? that helps alot. Even if you cant get very far. Also, starting from 1fww was how I learned. I got comfortable with ww’ing it, then I moved up slowly as I got more comfortable with it.

Thanks Isaac, you’ve inspired me…I’m going to build one too! Thanks also for the photos and videos Max, they’re great.


Where can i see the video? Greetz

ok i saw the video ! that’s art ! nice!!!

It’s a BC wheel

That is just an easier version of a BC wheel, right? I don’t ride a BC, but I would think that what you are doing is quite a bit easier, because for mounting, you have something to hold onto (the seat), while a BC wheel is just a wheel with pegs (no frame or seat). But, I see that in your video you let go of the seat, so I suppose that you could sorta ride it just like a BC wheel any way! It’s just the mount that seems easier.

Woops, I forgot to say that it was a cool idea anyway. The video rocked.

Thanks, the only BC i’v ridden has pedals and are 2 inchs lower than the axle, and that is really easy for me, after I get on… which I can still do but not every time.

Actually I can’t wheel walk at all. I guess I’ll have to learn that first:D.

Good luckwith learning to wheel walk. That’s one thing that I’ve learned to do. It’s a slow process. Some people describe it as “learning to ride the unicycle all over again”. It goes quite slow. But once you learn it, it is really worth it, because not only can you begin to learn other tricks from there, but it is a lot more impressive to spectators, than just plain riding with the pedals.:slight_smile:
Good luck!:smiley:

Re: It’s a BC wheel

When holding the seat, this is probably accurate. When not holding the seat, as Max does in the video, it’s probably a little harder, due to that extra weight sticking out there.

A B.C. wheel with the pegs directly at axle level is harder than one with the pegs lower down.

Yes, Max, the video is awesome. So is the gym! My group has a big gym, but the linoleum floor is lumpy. I supposed that will make anyone who practices in there better at coasting and B.C. wheel riding… :slight_smile:

here one of our five weekly practice gyms is pretty darned lumpy, and it is very noticable. Also, if the seat touches the ground, it slows me down fast enough to cause falls.