Trust me, I’m doing far worse than drooling.

On a serious note… Some people already struggle reaching 36er pedals… How much lower are these ones?? :smiley:


165mm cranks = 5.5"
~4" from hub to crank axles
18" hub to top of wheel
6+" for top of frame and saddle

Looks like it needs a minimum inseam of 32.5+ With some modification, maybe a 30" inseam would be possible.

On the other hand the frame looks like it could take a 700c wheel to make a monster race unicycle without modification. Another easy change would be to swap out the drive sprockets to give a different gear ratio.

wow that 36er looks amazing can you buy them ?

36er geared

just found another geared 36er like huni developed by Pete Perron


The guy had the frame extended as a custom job. You could have it done for yourself if you can find a metalworking shop or bike builder that think they can do it. Thing is though, once you factor in the costs (labour, new parts, metal stock), you might as well buy a brand new oracle instead. Also if they don’t get it just right, the frame could suddenly fall apart at 20mph…

I would consider this and the purple phaze/red menace V36ers as an exercise in what CAN be done rather than what SHOULD be done. A permanent 54" effective diameter gives a very high gear with any length cranks. Almost any UPD on a uni like this (due to high minimum speed to keep stability) is going to be too fast to run out. Starting up and coming to a stop would be hugely difficult. With a 2 gear 36, the low gear allows for much safer low speed manoeuvring.

Post #11 in this thread shows a 29" wheel in a Huni-rex.

There have been a fair number of fixed-gear uni designs posted on the forum, of various types. The main drawback that is common to them is the fixed nature of the gearing. The Schlumpf has gained popularity (I think) because it can be shifted on the fly, and it maintains the same basic riding mechanics as a regular unicycle.

29er (or skinny 700c) Huni sounds like fun, and sounds like fast too :smiley: I’m almost tempted to buy one now and re-lace it with a 700c rim… When I get a job maybe :roll_eyes:

That is my impression also. Do we have reason to believe there will be future production of these?

The 36" version probably eliminates the worry of pedal strikes, but the drawback, already discussed, is that it’s high gear only. Fine for flat rides, not so great for hilly places. But still hugely cheaper than anything with a Schlumpf on it.

The majority of my UPDs on my Schlumpf, not counting ones during shifting, have been in high gear. Fortunately they are almost always at lower speeds. That’s partially because it’s harder to ride it slow than fast. A 36" Schlumpf also gears up to 54" and, while difficult, I have gained a lot of confidence maneuvering it even when going slow in the high gear. It’s much more stable and manageable once you get over 10 mph/16 kph.

I was riding Huni-rex at EUC some years ago and I did not like it. It felt really strange and sluggish and pedal strikes happened often on a track that was set up due to tight turn. Also cranks were going out of sync sometimes, but it was easy to tighten and resync them.
first, there were some changes to the construction later and I’ve heard cranks going out of sync is not a problem anymore (or at least not that often).
second, I was riding it before trying guni, so I was not used to riding in high gear. It would probably feel much more natural for me now.
third, the original price was way too high for such limited application. But the 180 pounds sounds like a fair price.
fourth, I like the idea of having it 700c’ed. This could be a nice uni for commuting.

Or you could buy the Nimbus 29er with 89mm cranks. It’s 1kg lighter, has a narrower frame and less risk of pedal strike.

The Huni-rex has some novelty value though. If I was a collector of unicycles then I would snap one up fast at that price.

Cranks going out of sync sounds terrifying, even if it only happens ‘not that often’. That to me is enough to say I don’t think I’ll bother :smiley:

I am still vaguely interested to hear how fast a 700c version could go though.

the cranks should not go out of sync as long as the hub is fitted correctly.

I am vaguely tempted to try and build a 700c one, only there are too many items higher up on the financial haemorrhage list atm.

If they stay at that price though…

If you’re worried about cranks getting out of sync you could always relace it with a flip flop hub and set it up freewheel on the right and fixed on the left. That would be a novel unicycle.

And how would you decide which foot gets to control the fixie side? :smiley: I’d personally have the fixie on the left, so I can mount easily (I mount left-foot first…) :roll_eyes:

This sounds similar to those cranksets people use to train cadence on bikes, where each crank can be moved independantly of the other, so as to sort of force you to learn to pedal PERFECTLY.

If your cranks are only a few degrees out of synch it’s not very noticeable. And you can still ride even if they’re way, way out of synch…


Does that make it a V twin unicycle?

I am the mad modifier of the aforementioned Huni-Monster!
here the little sod is wondering where it’s hub has gone

I bought it off a lad at unicycle hockey for a very reasonable price just for a laugh, I took it out for a ride and (as a regular 36" rider) was drastically unimpressed by everything about it, hence why I went big on it’s modification!
I’m guessing by ‘pedal strike’ you mean the pedals clouting the floor at even a slight hint of cornering? TRUE also there is a little free-play on the chains, the bigger wheel fixes the pedal strike, a surly track cog

got rid of some free-play (another should kill some more)
and for good measure here is a pic of me, and it, riding vert! (yeah right)

oh yeah, and the inseam length is massive! =O lucky I’m about 6 foot!
*if anyone does want to buy it I would consider selling!

Huni, no go

I tried the huni for a few days from a friend and now i am afraid to ride it because i had a couple small pedal hits but then i had one major one and crashed into a wall and hurt my back :angry: :astonished: . Its not the best design but nice try Huni-rex. I wish they made a larger wheel or put the cranks on top. But it is nice try at bringing affordable geared uni’s to the market.

Wow, that’s pretty serious,
and seriously out of control, to crash into a wall
if you werent aiming for it :astonished: :smiley:
…more practice perhaps, to get over the fear:D

Hmmm…somehow your Huni looks flatout exhausted…

I’d be curious to hear any issues you have with the cranks getting out of sync over time. Does it happen? How often? Does it get steadily worse and how is it fixed? There’s an 8-speed drift trike front end in the works with a similar independent crank design that I’m planning to turn into a unicycle and it’d be great to hear from someone with experience in these issues.