Humboldt Juggling *and Unicycle* Festival, April 25-27

This is a first-time juggling convention, which is including unicycling in its title from the start! Humboldt County is in Northern CA along the coast, near Eureka.

There will be free admission, workshops, various competitions including a unicycle obstacle course, special guest Rhys Thomas (who unicycles), and four different shows. Group MUni rides are planned for each of the days!

I will be offering a unicycle workshop or two and doing something in one of the shows, and it sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun. I met some of the Humboldt people at the Damento Juggling Festival in Feb., and they seemed really cool, and into unicycles.

Questions about the event? Use their Web site below. I am not one of the organizers:

Hope to see you there!

Jacquie and I have booked our hotel, and are wondering if anyone wants to ride with us, or at least join us up there. Group MUni rides are planned. How about a nice ride through the redwoods? We might also make a side trip to Redwood National Park, only 35 miles to the north.

The festival runs Friday thru Sunday, with renegade show on Friday night, and public show on Saturday. My workshops will probably be on Saturday as well.

Hope to see you there!

Eureka is a dull Smogville 7 miles from absolute paradise, Arcata (my home town). Make sure to get pics of ya’ll riding the steps down from Founders hall… it will make me weep with self pitty for being in Jackson.



Oh ya: and ride up California Street- you can touch the ground without reaching down -it’s that steep. I could work it on my 24", back when I was a lad… ahh… my sunny youth…


i take you havent been there latly,its loaded with drinking stinking drug crazed hippes.and whats with that swamp at the end of town?

The Hippies should be differentiated from the Crawlers; Arcata was once only a seasonal way point for the Crawlers- but then The Dead died, and the Crawlers had no-place to go between Raggae-on-the-River and the other 11 months of the year.

The ‘Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary’ is little utopia’s water treatment plant- and where I found a little kitten capturing and eating seagulls; he became a close companion of many years.

Mr. Jagur is right, though- the drug scean is all too alive in the ‘Emeral Triangle’. Lot of cool people though. Prez McInleay hangs out on the Plaza…


It’s happening again this year, this weekend, March 19-22, Thurs - Sun.

Is anybody planning on going? I have a couple of juggling friends who are hoping to.

I’m going to humboldt state this summer for school. So I’ll won’t be at this one but I’ll probally go to it the next four years. The redwood forest is so rad to ride. I took my uni up for fall admissions and the trails are unbeliveable. I can’t wait to get up there.


I haven’t heard back from my friends yet, so I’m not sure which day I’ll go. Plus the festival page is “under construction” ATM.