How tough are you on your unicycle?

Browsing around this forum I see many people who complain about the strength of high quality gear and how it does not last very long. So my question to you, is how rough are you on your unicycle? I myself don’t usually do huge drops, and don’t overextend myself if I believe it will put my unicycle in peril.

tell us what unicycle you have.
watch my other vids if you want to see more “abuse”
broken on KH… rim, seat, seatpost, nipples.
broken on old DX (ridden for almost a year ?) … bent bmx style rim, bent nimbus rim, broke seatpost, broke 2005 frame, broke seatpost clamp, messed up keyway, broke spokes, pedals, seat, seat stiffeners, and seat bumper.

I dont care whether my unicycle brakes or not because at the end of the day i am out there to have fun and not to hold back cause i might brake something.I do think big drops are really pointless but i sometimes do the occasional one because i want to push myself.

exactly my idea, why let objects get in the way when you can work on pushing the physical limits of what you are doing?
acquire the skill, and go for broke.

wow that’s quite the list of accidents there eh? But for me it is really the amount of money. No way in hell could I keep replacing frames, rims and seatposts. I’m way to paranoid ><

I have to agreed with Adjuggler… I had to take a 3 month hiatus from my muni after I snapped an axle (Stock Nimbus muni). I saved up for a KH hub/crank set. I’m not super rough on my uni, aside from loose spokes that never seem to stay tight, but I don’t worry about breaking my axle again :wink:

Not to much anymore, but my dx had it rough. Not because I’m particularly good, but because I was learning and landed horribly. I mean, jumping off 4-5ft drops when your 180lb and lading flat can’t be good for the uni. I also ran extremely low pressures, I’d hit rim all the time. The thing still works though, only broke a seat post and base. Rim’s still fine and everything else.

The only things I break are the usual easily broken stuff: Seat stiffner plate, seatpost, and pedals.

The bad part about breaking stuff is having to replace it. Which, in case you’ve forgotten, costs money. Sometimes a lot of it.

Fortunately unicycling costs pale in insignificance in comparison to most sports. Having said that, I think the concept of mechanical sympathy is not regarded often enough amongst unicylists.

I did eventually manage to break the saddle, seatpost, clamp, cranks and hub on my nimbus muni, but this was in the early days before CrMo hubs etc. I haven’t broken anything in recent years except a dud pair of cranks sent out with my N36, which bent the first time I tood up on them at the traffic lights.

most of that stuff was defective.
frame replacement was free
pedals sucked anyways.
keyway was admittedly defective, but they would not warranty it on my rim.

I don’t think about how rough I’m on my stuff because I bought it to use it.
That my theory

I’ve broken/bent to hell:

Around 10 seat posts

5 rims (3 trials, 2 freestyle)

Around 20 spokes

3 frames

Every freestyle crank I’ve ever owned (probably around 7 pairs, I just ride them bent until they get too bent)

around 10 seats

around 5 pedals

That’s all I can think of. The only part I can think of that I haven’t broken is the hub.

And the seat clamp :wink: , or you broke that too?

What frames did you snapped?

I never worry about breaking my unicycle. I’ll never not do a drop because I’m scared I’ll break something. Although I’m not that tough on it. I’m pretty light too.

All I’ve broken so far is 1 spoke, 3 sets of pedals and a seatpost. All things that are bound to brake no matter who rides them.

I fall shy of pele here, but I’ve broken my fair share of parts, mostly rims and seatposts.

But anyways enough with the boasting, if you worry about breaking stuff… well can you? Oh no i won’t do that sidehop cause I might break something… I mean it’s actually not that expensive compared to some things, it’s mostly annoying. The worst I find is to break rims because rebuilding the wheel (even if you do it yourself) is a pain.

Other things like seatposts don’t really matter, i mean they are dirt cheap.

Yeah, I hate breaking parts because you can’t ride until you buy a new one! Flat tyres annoy me too. Takes ages to put take the wheel off, patch the hole and put it back on.

get a 15" X 3" motorcycle tube and never worry about it again.

Except for when I go to unispin and I can’t spin it because it weighs a ton!

it weighs less than a super thick bike tube, and there are several uni riders using them, all have worked out fine.

That’s exactly what I ride, those tubes are awesome. Repeated 4ft drops with no rollout hitting the rim and it’s still going strong. I only popped one since I let to much air our and did a big gap and ph’ed up the landing. I’m not a great street rider, but I could uni spin just fine, landed a few 3spins.

They also give me alot of confidence in trials since I know that my tire isn’t going to just pop or blow out.