How tough are you on your unicycle?

i think the one i popped was a 14" and off of a 8? foot drop with low pressure.

i’ve wrecked a rim through the tube and the tube was fine.

i am easy on them biggest drop i ever did was out of the back of a pickup truck bent the pedels and crank arms and the wheel is off center (cheap cycle pro uni) and i often put new pedles on my other uni’s just because i feel they need it but i need to muni a little more and break more i guess

I think I’ve stripped out seat clamps lol…

I’ve snapped a DX frame, a KH frame, and a semcycle XL longneck (I snapped it at the neck)

I wrestle bears whilst riding.

probably the toughest person on a unicycle ever probably.

i’ve broken 2 spokes, and the pins on my pedals are worn out :o that’s all i’ve broken, i dont think i ride tough at all, but i dont worry about it, i do what i enjoy… dont care if i break my unicycle, but i dont throw it in the ground or anything like that… :roll_eyes:

i go easy on my uni if i think something will damage it then i won’t do it.:smiley:

I see.

…that seems very limiting. Get a good uni and forget about it.

Or I can just stop doing anything on my uni.

Jump stairs?
NO, I might land funny and break the seat/post.
Can I still glide, at least?
No, my feet will wear the paint down, and the tire will eat my shoes.
Can I ride to work?
No, I’ll wear out the tire on the pavement.
Can I do some more minor things that generally aren’t considered tough on unicycles?
No, ya never know what might happen.

Ok, I’ll just stick to riding around in circles on smooth concrete. No, wait…A UPD could scratch my pedals.

Fried green tomato sauce! Gah!
(yes, that’s a swear:p )

In 2 years:

• 2 seats
• 4 seat posts (2 ALU, 1 PitFighter, 1 CrMO)
• 3 or 4 clamps
• About 3 or so handles
• 5 or 6 back bumpers
• 3 seat covers
• 3 or 4 cranks bolts
• 1 pedal

All my wheelsets stay pretty true and strong.

I’ve broken nothing on my KH other than some rips on the seat cover. On my LX I stripped the cranks, but that’s the LX…

I’ve also started ripping my cover, find any quick fixes?

Duct or sports tape.

i ripped the pedals completely of of my lx and blew the tire out

I’ve broken about 6 pairs of pedals, bent cranks, snapped a frame(06 DX frame but still) and I’ve gotten really mad about ALMOST landing this one grind about a hundred times then throwing my unicycle 30 feet out of a skatepark where it dropped down a 3 foot ledge and landed in the dirt. My unicycle got me back though, when I threw it my finger got caught between the crank and frame and got smashed then pulled before my wheel rotated and the unicycle flew away.

Broken seatbase, three handles, two pedals, cranks and pedals on my lx…

I’m gonna try and sew it or put a patch on it, seems like it’s the best solution.

Did Kris change anything on the 08 seat covers?

Apparently I’m rougher on my muni than I thought… I was still standing/hopping in place, waiting for a car to pass when I heard a snap of a spoke… Off to the LBS I go! :wink:

I’ve broken a couple spokes as well but the LBS I checked out didn’t have any. I’m going to call a few others, but I doubt I’ll find any spokes.

keep a few spares, when you make a new build, get 40 or so spokes if you ask nicely, they usually throw you some in.

getting spokes for trials uni’s is a pain in LBS’s…

although i’ve gone through quite a few wheels now so spare spokes aren’t a problem no more (in 13G or 14G…)

Ive got cotterless cranks on my nimbus 26" (its an early model) but I find that the only thing that gets wrecked is the threading that holds the pedals on:(

I’m lazy, so I had them change the spoke for me. They’re a big LBS, but really really good (I’ve been going to them since before they were a big LBS), 2nd time I’ve had to get a spoke replaced, so I’m thinking of getting spares and doing it myself…