How to Unispin

I’m sure many have asked this question before, but after looking through the forums for a while, I could not find one. I have watched tutorials on youtube. I understand how to do the movement, but I am having a major problem. I can’t seem to jump off the pedals and land back on (w/o spinning the uni.) Has anyone had this problem? I don’t know if it’s just a mental thing or not. I wear pads, so I can’t get hurt, but something is still holding me back… :thinking:

try just starting on the ground and jumping onto the pedals. then do it again and spread your legs farther apart. And you still can get hurt. I have been trying to land 360’s for a while and i wear shin and knee armor but i come down and hit my ankles on the pedals when i bring my feet in and they start bleeding.

This is your unispin bible:

It’s called a no-footer. And it’s totally normal to have trouble with it. Just start small. Do it seat-in, and just barely leave the pedals. In time, you’ll get more comfortable jumping higher off the pedals and landing back on. It’s difficult to jump straight up - and to jump with exactly equal pressure on each pedal.

Post a brag when you’ve got it.

Thank you everyone. That will really help.:slight_smile: Mouse, That thread what I was looking for, thanks.