How to Shave your Trials Tire?

There is a search thread tool, which brought up nothing, I also manually went through looking for any instance of the word tire or tyre, and nothing came up.

The only thing close was mentioning that there would be enough room for fatter tires, and the mention of Slicker 29er tires.

Thanks Sam, I spent quite a while looking and came up with nothing, this is news to me so I’m pretty happy about it.

Sorry I posted this without refreshing with everyone elses comments on it.

Yea, I tried searching the thread and was confused that I couldn’t find anything. Sorry if I mislead you. It’s quite an interesting thread anyway. Thanks for finding the post Sam (AgentQ)

Sweet as. There’s some pretty interesting stuff in that thread anyways. It reminded me of the excitement of waiting for the new KH to come out haha

This response is to a few of the earlier posts, but I can’t be bothered to quote them all.
I was after exactly what I said, which was a 19" tyre, that had the same volume as the 2.5" but with a street tread rather than a trails tread. I think it would be pretty popular seeing as there are a lot of people riding street on 19".
I dont think running a 20" wheel would work too well because there isn’t a wide enough 20" tyre to give you the volume you would want for riding street.

Which brings us back to tyre shaving. I’d really rather buy a tyre that’s already how I want it though!

Oh dear, another double post. It has been a while since my last one though!

I have been thinking more about the shaving tyre thing and I think it probably would be easier if I did just run a 20" BMX rim that is built to take almost as much force as a 19" trials rim. This way you could put a 2.2-2.3" tyre on that is pretty much already shaved.
The main problem with this is that you wouldn’t be able to run the same kind of tyre pressures that people run on a trials tyre cuz it would just feel sloppy and flat. But then you’d probably want it a little stiffer if you were using it for street or skatepark.

Just out of interest, do many people ride predominantly skateparks? I can drop in on an 8foot halfpipe, but it’s impossible to do anything after that. I’d like to run a harder gear and smooth tyre to see if I could actually get up the other side of a halfpipe without pedalling my tits off.

Has anyone considered gluing the tread from a 20 on a shaved trials tire? It would kill your weight advantage but should last a long time and you could keep re-using the casing till the sidewalls die.

Has anybody tried running this tyre on a 20" rim?:

I presume it’s designed for these cruiser/lowrider bikes that people ride round beach paths on.

It’s 3.45" wide! I don’t know what it would be like but it’s pretty much bald with, presumably, quite a long lifespan if it’s the full thickness of a normal tyre just without tread.

I believe Spencer Hochberg tried one a few years ago, but I don’t know anymore than that.

Well this threads gone a little dry.

I’ve been shaving for about 4 hours and I’ve still got stubble:-(

It’s takiing so long and I’ve been through a pack of 6 blades!

I’m gona presume the best way would have been to use an angle grinder, which I unfortunately don’t have any access to. Is that also the way I would finish mine off after cutting all the nobs off?

Are you keeping the blade and rubber wet?

No, I was doing it dry. Does the water help then? I’ve recently nearly lost the end of my left index finger so I’m not too keen on the idea of slipery+knife!

Unless you have sufficient experience with an angle grinder, it should not be your first choice. If you know how and can use an angle grinder fairly well, it will be the quickest method of removing nubs and smoothing tire.

Similar results can be done with a belt sander of sorts.

If you do not have experience and or access to these tools I would go with a razor and then orbital sander. Its not quick, but it works. Make sure you use a rough grit sand paper with the orbital, as you want the tire to be grippy not slick.

Not a chance, that would take about a year!

If you just use a wet sharp blade it should take about half an hour to an hour to cut all the nubs off, and then if you use good sand paper and your hand it should take another 20-30 minutes.

Have you done one urself then? It would almost definitely take longer than that with a Luna tyre. It’s made of pretty tuff stuff.

Do you take the tire off the uni when shaving it? Sorry if someone said to or not, I looked, I couldn’t find anything.

I did mine with the tire inflated on the wheel.
Just take the wheel out the frame and it will go very smooth

I imflated mine to about 40-50psi, so that it was pretty hard. You can see the shape of the tyre better this way. I then took the wheel out of the frame and took the cranks off just to keep them out of the way.

I reckon a Intense micro knobby in 19"x2.7" would be sweet as for flat/street. On rocks and concrete it would have more grip than a Trials tyre I think, as the small pins would grip into small crevaces etc.

micro knobbby.jpg

19"x2.7" !?

Where ?

I don’t think Dandelion meant that it was available. I think he was saying that it would be his ideal tyre. I think he’s got a good one there, now we just need some manufacturers to realise there is a market for this type of tyre.