How to Shave your Trials Tire?

Ive got a creepy crawler and its starting to get kinda worn so before too long I want to shave it off to be like completly smooth.

Anyone know how?


Use a razor blade to cut down the nubs as flush as you can get em. Then use a sander(I used an orbital) to smooth it all down.

I’m going to have to do this soon, my tire is almost bald in the center… and I don’t even ride hard…

Isaac, Creepy Crawlers are pretty much the worst tyre you want to shave. they have ridiculously thin walls, and you can you see it because threads start appearing and tearing on the sidewalls.

the tyre’s also ridiculously soft and has very thin sidewalls, making it hardly the ideal street tyre as it will be rather ‘flexy’ in feel. After shaving a CC, there will be a very thin and skinny feel about the tyre’s surfaces, which is why only thicker surfaced trials tyres are suitable for slicking.

I recommend you try balding a Luna or Try-All, I’ve seen both of those work fine. Luke Collalto’s got a nicely balded Luna and that is probably the best tyre to have slick as the compound is hard and the sidewalls are stiff, which are excellent for a slick street tyre.

I advise you keep the CC as a backup trials tyre, because the sidetreads still help grip on slanted surfaces.

meh, might as well try to save you from making a mistake

A question: What are the positive sides of shaving a tire anyways?

the ladies love the clean look.

This is very true. I’ve never tried shaving a CC, but the sidewalls are so thin that just the folding rubber from tire commpression wore away parts of my sidewall so that you can see the threads underneath.

Hmm, my CC isnt showing any threads.

I have rode my CC for about a year, rotating the cranks so the tire wears evenly, and now its all smooth all the way around it. I love the way it feels.

I still ride it, and now im not noticing any wear on the tire at all, so ill keep using it until it dies. And if I can use a tire for a year+ before buying a new one, then I am happy with that. lol

You’re such a queen Jerrick. I think a slick luna would be best. If you are going to cut off the nobs make sure you dont accidently cut into the tire :roll_eyes:

It feels smoother to ride, to do tire gabs and it’s lighter. The main advantage is probably the look.

I love my bald luna, I’ve had it since around the start of the year. Still no thread showing and I never really rotate it.

me and saam shaved his cc and it turned out ok.

used a stanley (utility) knife wth a new blade then used the grinder to grind the nobs smooth, we didnt get it perfect smooth as we wanted to go rideing but it turned out pretty super.

Your tyre looks awesome Luke! Like a massive inner tube :smiley:

EDIT: But didn’t you strip your frame?

If you guys all like slick tires, why don’t you just start with something smooth like a hookworm? I thought hookworms came in 2.5 inch sizes, so you think that would be just as good? I have one in my 24 incher and it looks sweet.

They would need a new rim then.

Darren Bedford sells 20" DX32s for anyone wondering.

I think Kris wants people to recognise that is a KH. But I’ll let Luke inform you further.

I had the '05 frame with the paint stripped. I got the new unicycle with the sponsorship, I don’t mind it blue. Kris doesn’t care how it looks, as long as i don’t cover it with koxx stickers :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course… I forgot about the good old 19" rim. lol

Yeah i saw you and the wheel at uninats

Where did you source your luna from?

Lunas are on UDC for about $50.