how to ride one foot?

ive bee trying lately and ive had no luck
ive tried holding on to high and low object for support and just lifting my foot while im going.

any help is appreciated

By looking for a tutorial that’s already been posted.

thanks…i wonder why my search failed?

i learned how to ride one foot about 2 weeks ago. I did it on a slight downhill because it makes it easier for you to figure out how to transfer your weight. As soon as you take your one foot off it is easy until you get to the bottom of the rotation. This is where i originally had difficulty. After about a half an hour i realized that you really have to push down hard at the bottom of the pedal rotation in order to maintain momentum. After you figure that out and get a few rotations in it comes easily. This is what i did and is only based on personal opinion, however, i would not do it holding onto anything because it does not train your leg muscles to react the way you want. Just my two cents… whatever you think works best!

Here you go, all the help you need. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i am currently learning one footed riding and doing only one revoltution with one foot isnt really that hard. i am sure that i will be doing at least 2 revs by tomorrow. it’s just that when i only do one rev, i dont have my foot in the right place. its just towards the front, and when my pedal comes back around they meet.

update: i can do 4 revolutions and then put my foot back on occasionally. DEFINITELY TRY ONLY ONE REVOLUTION!!!and then put your foot back on. and don’t worry about putting your foot on the frame.

unireed : P you’re unique. I found it easiest to put my foot on the frame and feel the pattern a few times, I usually got about 4 if I got it at all, I couldn’t ever do 1 rev because there wasn’t enough time to think. Now I can go all over the place. the 24" mountain uni I was borrowing when I learned it worked really well because it had 150 or 165 cranks on it. I’m still getting used to the 90 mm cranks : (

i just tried it on a heavy 24" and found it easier. and many other people also think that putting your foot on the frame is difficult, but i guess it depends on your height/unicycle/leg length/etc.

now that i am profficient at a few one-footed skills, i thought i would do a small tutorial.
begin by taking off foot for one revolution–it will feel short, but you will know. just raise your foot above the pedal and wait for it to come around.
next work one two or three revolutions with your leg bent back 90 degrees.
after you can do that and continue to ride normally by placing your foot back on the pedal, put your foot on the frame. it doesnt matter what type of frame you have–it’s possible. i often rest my foot on the quick release clamp, because i have a round frame and large feet.
riding with your foot on the frame is much easier, as you can stabilize yourself and you are more balanced on top of the unicycle.
ride faster and you will begin to ride smoother, but try to ride slowly as well after you lose momentum.
after you can ride as long as you like, try turning. you can learn quickly and will soon be doing figure eights.

for idling one-footed, just idle normally using only one foot for pressure, then move the top foot up to the frame. you can learn to idle one footed at the same time, before, or after you learn to ride one footed. i learnt after and it only took me a few tries. i found that it helps to let your foot on the frame touch the wheel, this way you can idle slower and more controlled. hope this helps!

You can learn to ride one-footed with or without the foot on the frame. I prefer foot on the frame, though, because it doesn’t wobble all over, causing you to lose some stability.

I learned to ride one foot on a 24" Schwinn, and then transferred over to a Nimbus 24" muni with 150’s and could still ride perfectly.

You must keep up your momentum while riding one-footed.


Thanks for the Video for how to use and ride unicycle.

Great and valuable information

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This is a helpful video. Kinda a bit hard as i see it but I will try to follow the tutorial then.