How to ride a unicycle?

I recently bought a unicycle, I would like to know that I can learn how to ride it.

You certainly can learn to ride it if you keep trying.

First try to get your balance:
Sit on it next to a wall or a fence stepping on the lowest pedal first -or the unicycle can tend to shoot out from underneath you if you step on the top pedal initially.
Put your other foot on the pedal and find your balance sitting in the seat.

Make sure your feet are lined up on the pedals- by this I mean don’t have your heels too far inwards or they can be struck by the cranks and prematurely end your ride, bumping your feet off. Move the wheel forwards til the pedals are balanced front and back- one forwards and one backwards in the strong position, and get used to sitting upright with most of your weight in the seat.
From this stable footed starting position take steps to learn, either along the wall or away from it, ensuring you always land on your feet if possible to prolong your practise time.
At first focus on each step, stopping every half revolution with the pedals level and it may help with making fluent movements later.

The seat should be at a comfortable height, not too low to have you crouch-riding and not too high to make you tip either side to reach the lower pedal.

Start one step at a time and keep having fun, it will not be long before the world of unicycling is open to you. You’ve taken an important step, congratulations! Good luck in your next exciting steps.

Barring any significant physical or cognitive issues, yes you can. Reading here will give you some pointers, but there is no substitute for getting out there and putting in the time for your body to start understanding the way a unicycle moves.

Have fun! It’s not easy, but neither are most things that are worth doing.

This question has been asked many times before. Here are a few journals that helped me learn to ride. Good luck and keep with it.

youtube has many videos on how to get started riding a unicycle. That is how I learned.

Mike A.