How to remove wheel to replace tires tube on old Loyd unicycle?

So this old unicycle i just bought from someone a few weeks ago decided to snap its tubes inflation valve stem when i tried pumping its tire up.

So I bought a new tube and plastic tire wedge removal tool.

But cant figure how the heck to remove the friggin tire!?

How is this tire removed? I took off one of the side nuts wedging the bolt onto that side tires horizontal post. But cant figure out how to take the tire off.

Photos of the tire are below.

Is the frame made in two peices?

I have a frame with that design, and at the top its held together by a few bolts. I just remove the bolts and slide the frame off from the axle.

When you put it back together make sure there aren’t any rough spots on the tube side of the rim. If there are smooth them out w/ some sandpaber first.

I broke two valve stems because that area was mildly sharp, but not enough to cut something I would normally think. I sanded it and put on a bit of masking tape, in case I didn’t do it enough. Never had a problem since.

Yes, it comes apart the same as a Schwinn (if you want to search old threads). Loyd is the original, Schwinn came later. Just take out the seat post bolt and the tire/tube go out that way. Now you know more about cottered cranks than you probably needed to!

Taking the bearings out of the frame requires a much longer explanation (and eye protection). :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, whenever you change a tube, feel around the whole inside of the tire for anything sharp sticking in there, and also check around your valve hole for sharpness as well.