How to order a Schlumpf?

I finally decided to buy a Schlumpf hub and now I am having trouble actually executing the transaction. I filled out the order on their website and sent an e-mail that I would call to give a credit card # (there is no way that I am sending that info in e-mails). I tried to call last night in hopes of leaving a message - lots of ringing, no answering machine. I called this morning and got someone who said they couldn’t talk because they were having a meeting and to call in the morning and talk to the secretary. Of course, morning in Switzerland is the middle of the night here. Also, no response to my order form or e-mail. Wondering how others have succeeded in getting orders placed. (Do I need to set my alarm for 2 or 3 am and call?) :thinking:

I’ve ordered one from

Apparently a batch has just been finished and are being shipped to the UK this week/next week (mine included!!!).

I don’t know how many, or if they’re all spoken for, but it might be worth dropping Roger an email to ask.

Wow, sounds like mine should be coming soon too then. I’m looking forward to some geared muni again! It’s been a while now since the last geared 26er ride.

Hey there Andy, you rolling machine! I ordered mine through I didn’t know Florian took orders directly.

Florian’s been real quick to respond in the past when I emailed him tech support questions.

Ordering direct from Florian can sometimes take a looooong time. If you can go through a local the price should be pretty much the same but it is possible you will get it a lot quicker. Even if they don’t have any stock at that time, some will often have been ordered, which means they are going to be a lot higher up the waiting list than you would be, going direct. Plus you can pay via credit card online over a secure server.

As an added bonus, if something goes wrong you can let them sort it out if you don’t want to deal with Florian direct. Florian is extremely helpful, when you can get hold of him. Getting hold of him is often the tricky thing. He has a lot on his plate.

Just as an example of why going through can be a good plan, if your hub develops a fault it may take Florian several months to get your hub fixed or replaced! How long did the last customer in NZ have to wait to get their hub replaced? Just a few days. Admittedly the time before that it was a few weeks but we still managed to get things sorted pretty quickly (compare to the 3+ months it took for my personal hub to get replaced).

UDC USA is no longer sells them as far as I can tell. I suppose I could try UDC UK.

+1 I asked and UDC-USA said to order it direct through Florian. I guess I should do that now, even though I haven’t saved all the money. Well I did save all the money but I bought a KH 26 to put it in so now I’m behind on money. Oh well, I can abuse my credit just this once (as long as I hide it from my husband:D).

I put in an order for my first Schlumpf at I’m giddy with excitement! (my first KH is also a part of the same order) :smiley:

I prefer mine with cranberries, Havarti cheese, and light on the mustard. For you, I’d suggest the caramelized onions and mushrooms.

Oh, how diiid you know that’s my fave.

So, have you ordered one?
How did you end up doing it?

I have given up for now.

I emailed UDC and was told:

"You will need to order the Schlumpf directly form the manufacturer. Not longer stock the product. "

Just confirming what others have said.

I’m attempting to order mine at the end of March! I hope I have success.

Hi All,
Bronson Silva, of Silva Cycles, has setup to be a local distributor with Florian Schlumpf. Try contacting him to order one:

He still has to order it through florian, so there is still a lag time. You can tell him I said to contact him.


Thanks for that. I did call and ask about the price of a wheel build with the Schlumph. It was quoted at half the cost of my LBS. I’ll contact him again at the end of the month.

Bronson can also build wheels and provide a complete system. He is also has connections with

Bronson is our local bike shop :slight_smile:

He mainly makes custom frames, but he has long roots in unicycling.


My own choice for ordering a KH/Schlumpf hub

Hi guys,

Well, after 2 years of patience and savings, I could at last offer me a KH/Schlumpf hub, and decided to order it directly from Florian, thinking that doing it this way would ensure that I get the latest and greatest flavor of the hub.

I placed my order to Florian on Feb. 19th, 2010 - and was immediately informed that a new batch of hubs was in the process of being manufactured, that my hub would be one of these hubs, and that a delivery by mid-March would be a realistic plan (my words).

As I wrote to Florian on Wednesday this week to get some news, I was given as an answer those few words: “Not too far away” - and nothing else, which (I’m sure you will understand me :)) was kind of frustrating, but also a confirmation that things were in good progress on their end, and that I should not have to plan for a significant delay.

Of course, being based myself in Grenoble (France), i.e. in the Alps and “not so far away” from Florian’s home, I had the feeling that buying direct from Florian was a viable option indeed - but for you guys overseas, in Americas, Australia, etc. it might be a pretty different story of course.

Well, that’s it… I will keep you posted for sure when my KH26 GUni will be ready to ride!!! :roll_eyes:

Cheers, MadC.

Well, I think you’ll need some patience… I “ordered” my second replacement hub end of november and didn’t hear anything other than that things are going well and that I’ll be getting mine “soon”. So I feel your pain, mad-ccc. I’m not sure what exactly is taking Florian thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. Maybe he has too many orders or replacements and can’t keep up with production. At least I have another Schlumpf in the 36er that gets a lot of use these days. Otherwise I might have given up on the geard hub by now after all those long repair periods. On the other hand it really is that great that for me it’s been worth all the pain and all the money…
I expect my hub to be delivered anytime now. I know I’ll be very happy when it finally does arrive.