How to order a Schlumpf?

I’m in the U.S. and placed my KH/Schulmpf hub order directly with Florian and it all worked out just fine. It was a slow process but I was in no rush. I was a little agravated when my first hub failed after only 20 miles (bad bearings) but Florian made good and a new, stronger, version of the hub was on my doorstep not too long after I mailed back the broken one; he even covered the two-way shipping! The new hub is awesome, have been riding on it now for about 6 months w/o any issues.

I just got a quote from Schlumpf for a KH muni hub.

1421chf + 110chf shipping = 1531chf
Using an online currency converter, that’s $1442USD

Florian said these hubs will be ready by the end of April.

I have KH Schlumpf muni hubs in stock now… :roll_eyes:
From Germany to US shipping needs usually two weeks.

Mine left Schlumpf factory on Monday!

Hi guys!

This week is certainly going to be a blessed week for me, since I learnt yesterday from Florian’s assistant that my hub left their office on Monday… which means it might be with me by Friday this week I guess (and hope :)).

I will let you know when I’ll have received it anyway. :roll_eyes:

Cheers, MadC.

Awesome! You will love it, it makes unicycling even more fun.

What kind of uni/wheel are you putting it in?

Florian = great.

Hi Siafirede! Hi all!

What’s good when you have to wait 'til you saved enough money to buy something is that… you have time to think about it! :slight_smile:

Well… if my original plan, remained unchanged for months and months, was to upgrade my KH36 to make it a GUni, I have changed my mind around 2 months ago, and decided to go with a KH26 Guni.

Main reasons for that follow:

  1. I am based in the French Alps, and am a bit afraid that going with the KH36 GUni would force me to stay in the valleys… which would be VERY frustrating for me! :slight_smile:
  2. During Summer time every year, I am travelling in a foreign country - and a KH26 GUni will in my view be a better alternative (more compact, more versatile) to the KH29 Uni option which I have used until now in the past
  3. I will have a chance to test the 26" wheel size - something I haven’t tried since the day… I stopped Mountainbiking to only focus on unicycles (i.e. around 8 years ago).

BTW: I checked today where the parcel is… and it has left Switzerland, to be now on the French side of the fence! I therefore think I will work from home tomorrow… or I would have to accept the idea that the carrier rings and there is no one at my home to answer! :astonished:

Cheers, MadC.

I’m like CrAzY!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I just checked the SwissPost Web site, and the new status is… DELIVERED.
The delivery took even less time than I had thought… This is just great!

The other great thing with those 2-year projects is that… it gave me just enough time to speak about it to my wife. :wink: If I had had the money right away and therefore not much time to “prepare” my wife about this ~1K euros unicycle part, she would probably have NOT signed the paper and rejected the delivery… which would have been horrible, don’t you agree? :slight_smile:
No, I’m joking here, my wife is really nice and it did not take me 2 years to convince her (1 year was enough :)).

Expect pictures and report soon! :roll_eyes:

Cheers, MadC.

Great news…hopefully that means mine is somewhere enroute as well (although it can take 10 days to clear UK customs!!).

Who else is waiting for one from this batch…???

Me. Waiting for a solid 4 months now… I hope it’s coming.

I think mine is in the late April batch. Not sure but I can’t wait. Okay, I guess I have to wait:D.

Hey mbalmer. How did you end up making your order?

Hi guys,

As expected, the jewel was waiting for me at my home yesterday evening when I came back from work. :slight_smile:

One huge good news and two minor bad news to report so far:

  1. The Good News: I am now the happy owner of a long-awaited KH/Schlumpf unicycle hub :slight_smile:
  2. The first bad news: When trying to do full turns of the knurled bearing by hand (whatever the gear I’m presently in), it is not smooth at all as I thought it would be, but rather pretty uneven and “rocky”, with a few hard spots which really worry me, actually. I’ll report this today to Florian, because in case the hub has something wrong, it is better to react now than when I’ll have built the wheel around it.
  3. The second bad news: I had completely overlooked the fact Switzerland was out of the European Community from a commercial flow standpoint. For this reason, I am going to be charged 19.6% more than expected (by the French customs office) to cover for the importation of goods from Switzerland. Happily enough, my political mindset is not strongly against importation taxes in principle… and I had anyway a buffer of cash to pay this unexpected charge.

Anyway, I hope you guys waiting for your hub will receive it shortly - whatever the country you’re living in.

Cheers, MadC.

A little bit out of topic, sorry - but I thought I had yet to confirm to all that the “Schlumpf innovations” cap was still part of the delivered package! :slight_smile:

Here is the proof:

My daughter on her way to school this morning

Cheers, MadC.

I did it through a local guy here in CA. He builds bike frames and wheels. Corbin recommended him. I went to see him and he called Florian right away. I’m getting one of the next batch of hubs. It’s very handy that his shop is only minutes from my house. He’ll be building my wheel when the hub comes. Here is the link to his shop. He’s very good about responding to email. I know you’re not next door, but it may be something to check out.

             <a href=""></a>

I hooked up with Bronson at Silva Cycles today and I am in on the April shipment of Schlumpf’s! I have a 24’’ guni wheelset in my future. Thanks Corbin for the tip.

I ‘m in the club, have the hat, and need better wrist guards.

On the very last day of 2009 I put in an order for a Schlumpf KHU using the order form on the Schlumpf. I knew from this forum that it would take a long time and that I wouldn’t’ get much communication.

February 8th I received email with an invoice and an approx 4 week delivery time. April 23rd I got email asking what I wanted engraved (no extra charge) on the hub. This email was in my Junk e-mail folder and I almost missed it. April 30th I got a message that they are working a 24hour shift to finish the hubs and that mine would be shipped the next day. There was a picture of my hub attached to the email. April 31st I got a tracking number and two days later I had the hub built into a newly purchased KH26.

I think that was not as bad as I was expecting. An acknowledgement from the web site order would have been nice, but overall the process went smooth.

How for some things I learned.

The UPS driver wanted a extra $167 USD for a charge from the Custom Clearing Agency

I used the spoke calculator ( ) and came up with 252.96 so I order some 253 spokes on line from ICYCLES and they came long (255), which I didn’t catch until after I built the wheel. I consider cutting down the spokes and tried it on one, but, I didn’t feel there was enough thread left to make a strong wheel. I took the one spoke that I had cut to size down to a local bike shop and had measure it (252) then had them cut me a batch of 251’s. The 251 size was a perfect fit for a new KH26 rim.

I was very paranoid about the torque of the bearing holders, so I had purchased a new torque wrench from sears for $80. It turns out that the wrench was too large and defected. I sapped off the bolt head without much effort. I it was back to Sears to return the wrench and buy a bolt extractor. I didn’t want to chance buying another of the same model and the only other one they had was over $100 so I thought I would just do it by feel.
I got back home extracted the broken bolt without any problem, borrowed a bold from my KH20 and put it all back together. As soon as I was finished the rain storm hit.

Hours later there was a break in the rain so I hit the local bike path. Seeing as I over 55 and don’t heal fast I was taking thing slow. First ride was in the 1 to 1 mode just to get the feel of the new KH26 and to make sure everything was set up right. Seat was too low, but otherwise all felt great.
Next I shifted it into high gear while stationary and holding on to a rail. I had too much back pressure and wheel shot right out from under me. Second try I put it in gear before getting on and made it about half a crank, this time it shot out behind me. Third time I was off on a very shaky start, but was able to get the feel of the wheel after a few feet. I stated on and went about a mile down the bike path. Amazingly it felt really good and I was going about Coker speed on a 26 inch wheel.

I was able to dismount and mount without incident (slightly downhill mount) and went for another two miles of rolling hills.

Next step was to try shifting. I started out in low gear got my foot into position and hit the gold button. I got a little freaked out because it actually shifted and I went to dismount….big mistake. The hand adjusted torque was not at spec and the bearing slipped in the bearing holder. I hit hard on my ass right in a puddle which shocked me somewhat because I haven’t done that in a very long time. I also now have a sore wrist.

I went to the local bike shop and borrowed their Park Tools torque wrench and made some slight adjustments. I also ended up ordering the tool from the shop for $50 US.

I went back to the bike path for some more training miles. After a 4 mile loop I switch to my Coker with 125 cranks (I had rebuilt the wheel using the Isis hub that came with the KH26). I was surprised that I could not mount the Coker. I ride this thing every day. The switch from geared 165 on a 26 inch wheel to ungeared 125 on a 36 inch wheel took several tries. Once I was able to mount and stay on I was amazed and how fast it felt and how little effort it took to keep up a high speed as compared to the geared 26.

This post is getting way too long. I’ll just end by saying that I’m a happy rider with a new toy and love it.

So I guess when I get my geared 26 put together, I will want to begin by wrapping myself in bubble wrap:o. Us post 50 year olds do heal much slower than we used to:(. I have read other’s posts on how different it is compared to the ungeared 36. I’m having a hard time trying to understand why. Is it because the revolution of the pedals don’t match the revolution of the wheel? Is it the slop? I can’t wait to find out.

And what happened? Did you pay? Talk him out of it?

Schlumpf has quoted me 110 CHF for “Shipping UPS”.
I don’t expect to pay anything more than this.

It is not the slop, the slop is barely noticeable. I think it is the resistance that the gears add. It is sort of like riding a bike in the wrong gear… uphill… doing a wheelie… without hands. I noticed on a slight downhill I’m still having to pedal to keep the speed up while on the Coker it just flys. It must be the flywheel effect.

Bubble wrap is not a bad idea I think I’ll put some in my pants. I did have a full set of pads on, KH leg armor with volleyball knee pads under them, elbow pads, wimpy wrist guards, boots, and helmet.

By the way my hats off to all those who put these hubs on a 36 inch wheel.

I paid. Shipping was an exrtra charge I’ll have to check I think it was 120 or maye 210 , i’m a bit dyseidetic.

I’m afriad to total up all the cost of building this thing. New KH26 with Magura brakes, spokes (two sets), two torque wrench (one for crank, one for bearings), spoke tension meter.

But hey, I’m not getting any younger, kid are grown and out of the house long ago. I need to act like a kid as long as I can.