How-To Jump high

Well, as trials is becoming bigger and bigger, there is one question on everyone’s mind… how do I hop just a little bit higher? Well, since this question is so common, I thought i’d go ahead and make a little instructional video for everyone to see.

It portrays, step by step, how to hop higher. I hope this helps eveyone out. This is all i can say, and i’m not saying it’s the only way to hop high, just what’s worked for me.

It’s the fourth one on my gallery

enjoy, and happy hopping!


great job ryan! I am always impressed! i took a little looksky through the rest of your gallery too. All the cement stuff looks perfect for trials! Is this your own place or just somewhere you like to ride? -erik

It’s just somewhere i like to ride. I really shouldn’t ride there, but on sundays, when the weather is good, i’ll go over there to do some trials.


Thanks! I’d love to watch, but my computer does this “buffering” crap so all I see are a second or 2 at a time, and it’s really fast. Could you put it in a format that works in Divx or preferably win media player?

it does work in windows media player. right-click it and “saev target as” and then open it with windows, and you should be fine.


thanks for that video ryan, i wanted to know what uni do you use for trials?

A trials unicycle. with profiles, Snafu pedals, a Miyata seat (carbon fiber base) a YUni frame, an Alex DX-32 rim, and a monty blackwall tire.



Thank you for your post and effort to do this.
Your clips are great especially for me who are want to highten 50cm record and starter for seat out jump.
Also can I post it for some Korean municyclist who
are not accustomed to english use?

Thanks for the video! What kind of hub is on your uni, and where can we get it? Is there anyway to put a Yuni frame onto a Summit’s hub? if so what will we have to do as far as bearings and such. Also is there a difference, other than cosmetic, between the monty trials tire and the summit/KH trials tire, and if the monty tire is better where else other than they are out of stock) can I get one?

also, what is your tire pressure?


It’s not a magic unicycle that allows him to jump so high. :slight_smile:

The only magic is that his unicycle needs to be strong enough to take his abuse. And so far that magic unicycle does not exist.

"It’s not a magic unicycle that allows him to jump so high.

The only magic is that his unicycle needs to be strong enough to take his abuse. And so far that magic unicycle does not exist."

I looked back on my post and I didnt see anything about a “magic” unicycle that makes you fly.:slight_smile:
I was just curious mainly about the Yuni frame because it looks like a freestyle frame which is very light, but everybody talks about howgood of a trials frame it is, so I thought if I could get a light frame with the strength of a trials frame, it would be a good idea to replace it for my summit frame, which brings me to the question about the hub and bearings because I know that they are different sizes. And about the tire, the Summits seems square on the top and tends to peel over relatively easy with me, and the Monty tire looks more rounded which makes me think that it might not, which brought me to the question about tire pressure…
so… I dont see any reason why you thought that I thought he had a “magic” uni. So… do you can you help or are you just going to make fun of me…lol!

So… do you can you help or are you just going to make fun of me…lol!

I meant:

So… can you help me, or are you just going to make fun of me… lol!

It was a very tongue in cheek comment in regards to the fact that the unicycle equipment is not the reason that Ryan can jump so high. I’ll bet that Ryan could do those jumps with your Summit. It’s not the unicycle. It’s technique that you should be asking about.


Thanks for your video! We all can learn something when you break each move down to its components and use the slow-mo. Great job! Great riding, too!


Oh man…

What’s the P.S.I. in that tire?


Wow, you’re tire goes really flat. I have my PSI at about 25, but I’m probably going to lower it. I think it should be low enough to compress, but high enough t snap back up quickly after the compression. Somewhere around 20.

wow, there are alot of questions to be answered…

My hub is a profile hub with 145mm cranks.

The frame is a YUni (Nimbus 2) depending on where you live.

I know for sure you can put the KH hub onto the Nimbus frame. I think you just need to shim it. you’d have to ask someone who has done this, such as Darren Bedford.

I like the monty tire more than the “Luna” tire because of the rounded-ness, but i think I would also like the Luna if i were forced to use it. I’m just used to the Monty. I’m not sure where you can buy one. I won mine at the Flint Riverfront Trials competition, and that’s what i’ve been using ever since. it’s almost worn out now :frowning: so, i guess i should be looking for a new tire!

As for the pressure, i think my pressure is somewhere in the range of 27 psi. However i don’t think it is a good idea to change your pressure to mine. Pressure depends on: your tire, the age of your tire, the amount of wear your tire has had, your rim, your tube, and ESPECIALLY your weight, and style of riding. I think 27 is however a pretty good starting point, allthough a beginer might want to lower their pressure a bit.

I’m sorry i didn’t respond to your questions earlier, but i had to go to school. It happens.


Hey just wonderin where you hang onto your seat at because everywhere i try to grasp my hand ends up slippin.