Torker DX

I’m not sure… I’d be willing to bet that it wouldn’t fit the tire.

Why do you want to put a crappier frame on it?

It will hold up to drops for awhile, but it wont take long term riding abuse, even as small as 3-4 feet.

I know there was a allready a threak about this but because it cant jump as high because its heavier. I wouldnt be doing it long term just untill i get stronger or get a new frame.

How high can you hop already?

Only 5-6 inches. It seems like there should just be some little thing that i am not doing thats messing me up or somthing its so frustrating not being able to even hop up a curb.

Well then it’s not the weight that is holding you back, you need to work on your technique more. Just practice will improve that by alot. It’s not worth replacing the frame. I am riding a pretty heavy frame too and I can do over 20". I actually just switched from a lighter frame and my hop hight got higher (its not the frame that made it go up, I just changed my technique a little.)

Where can i get tips on hopping? Besides thats down.

Here is one thread that talks about it

And here is the thread about a really good tutorial by Ryan Atkins
And here is the direct link to the tutorial if you are lazy

Those are just a few things I found really quickly, if you search the forums you will find alot more.

drop your seat height a bit and you may find you can jump a bit higher :wink: Takes a bit of getting used to, but it does help!

Oh yeah i meant to ask where the seat should come up to when your just standing next to it. Like at your head your knees what ever.

It’s mostly personal preference, for seat in hops you want it relatively low so you can tuck it up a little more. Later when you do seat in front hops you will want it alot higher. Just put it where it feels the most comfortable.

It’s better not to “eyeball” it, but actually have the seat adjusted for you.

For optimal riding performance, you want your legs to be fully extended when they reach the pedals in their lowest position (6 o’clock). From here you can lower the seat so that, when you hop and pull up on the front of the seat/handle, you hop higher.

You can also practice seat-in-front (sif) hopping. This allows you to hop even higher because you can pull the unicycle way up underneath your body.

Ok, i didint want to start a new DX thread so i am posting it here. What can i do to make the DX into a trials uni? I am sorry if this had been posted a million times. Any way could some one post links for products that could make it better for trials? Thanks, Sam.

The old all-black one, or the new one with red?

The old one.

You will have to relace the hub to a trials rim, get a trials tire and a wider frame.

New uni

so basicly you need to buy a new unicycle…


Kind of, you can still use the seat and hub and cranks and pedals. Everything else has to change. Cody made his dx into a trials uni, do a search for “once upon a torker” or something like that and you can see what he did.

Here I found it for you Link

heres my two sense on making your torker dx lighter…
zee will contest, i ride an '06 torker dx… i hop higher than every unicyclist i have met (and higher than several i have not yet met) several feet is not a challange and i am new to trials (and unicycling in general)