How to hang or store unicylces?

What method works well?

I hang all mine in my garage.

Just grab a large hook. I hang mine in a shed off the base of their seat.

What, no poll?

I’m disappointed.

I hang mine from the wheel, I guess you could do either :slight_smile:

I often just run a bungee cord through the wheel and hang it from a hook or nail on the garage wall. Guitar stands can work well. A bike hook works great. A rope between two hooks can work. Depends where you are trying to hang it.

I hang most from the wheel and my main ride my trials i have guitar stand for it.

hanging by the wheels on bike hooks in the basement.

I did have to bend the bike hooks out a bit once they were installed. I guess bike hooks are made for road/hybrid bikes…

I have gotten different sizes. Look around. The common red ones are smaller but I got a bunch of big heavy black ones from somewhere…

I keep mine in the house, I have them stacked in the corner of the room, with standing normally, but the frames on the ground, and I place them opposite from each other, so the pedals will rest behind the frame of the previous uni. Seems to work well for the moment. I may change this when I get a 36er though. Currently have a 20" 24" and 29" in here

around here the big hooks were a lot pricier. I couldn’t justify the difference when a little leverage on the smaller hooks makes 'em fit nicely. :wink:

I built a multi-unicycle stand out of some scrap 4x4 posts and 2x4s. Sat the thing in my basement and it can hold 3-4 unicycles at once. Tires rest in this wood box frame and the frame/saddle lean against another box frame that is perpendicular to the floor box frame. Simple construction and it’s worked great.

I use bike hooks in my garage for several unis, but for my guni I set it up to be locked:

I don’t expect anyone to steal it, but as we all know, it does happen.
Mostly I just want to keep my kids’ friends from pulling it down when I’m not around.

I took the headrests out of the back seat of our van, and put bolts in there so they stick out a bit, and hang the uni seats on the bolts behind the rear seat of the van. (It’s an Odyssey with a deep well behind the rear seat)
They live in the van, so I always have them with me. And they’re always locked up that way.
Not sure if you could fit a 29" in that way - I’d like to try :). But I have a 24", and 2 20" in there no problem.

I’d love to see a picture of that stand! I was thinking about building something like that for my three main unis.

I’ll post a photo if you’d like, but it’s really nothing special. Basically I nailed together a rectangle made from 4x4 posts. Probably around 4’ x 20" (inner dimensions of the box). You can do this how big you want, I just wanted a good spread that would fit my 20" uni’s in there as well as up to my 26".

So that 4x4 box sits on the ground. I next nailed a 2x4 perpendicular (straight up) on each end of the box and a horizontal 2x4 to connect the two. This serves as the “back rest” for the unicycle frame. Not sure of the height, but it was enough that the saddle of my smallest 20" uni frame just clears the top of the back rest.

Very primitive and simple.

Some improvements might be a couple cross support pieces connecting the front of the box frame to the top of the back rest. I have a little play in the back rest to box frame connection but not bad. Also could cut several notches along the back rest for better unicycle seatpost support (keep them from sliding from side to side, not a big deal but happens sometimes).

I just made do with what scraps I had and threw the thing together pretty quickly. My wife didn’t want hooks in the walls or ceilings so this was a pretty good and cheap compromise! :slight_smile:

I just put then on the wall of my room. I have 2 unicycle stands, but 7 unis in my room! It makes my room pretty :smiley: I’d really like to by able to hang them with the wheel or seat with a big hook.

Been wondering about using these but haven’t seen them in person. Should screw into the wall and fit under the seat just not sure if they are long enough.


You can make hook wall mounts like that with far less $ with materials from home depot. You can usually make about 5 mounts for the same price as ones made for that purpose.