How to hang or store unicylces?

I buy the 5$ hooks from Lowes

Something like this could easily be made cheaper. Even just cutting a notch out of a 2x4. The one I posted looks tidy but it is like $9. Maybe worth it in the house probably not in the garage.

Wonder if the original poster got the answer they wanted?

I imagine those string swings would work very well, I had some for my guitar, bass, and uke before katrina came and flooded our house, however I would just get regular hooks, unless you have those lying around like I do. That reminds me, I need to hang those up again…

Novel idea using them for instruments. That would actually help me. :wink:

This is by far the coolest unicycle storage system I’ve seen:

Haha that’s why I know about making em, I use em for my ukuleles and guitars!

I like that but the only place in my garage that something like that could work has 2 motercycles sittingthere.

My low budget UNI Rack

As promised:

somone likes there sticker just like me! and do you think that you could build something like that with pvc pipe?

I think PVC would probably work. I wasn’t sure about needing a counter weight or not which is why I used the heavier 4x4’s on the bottom. I bet if you used some thicker PVC, like even 4" on the bottom you could probably fill them with gravel/sand and it would work great. Probably much easier to work with than the wood and tools I had available!

Like I said, I’d probably like to put a couple diagonal supports on either side (the back rest wobbles slightly) and cutting some small notches in the back rest would give better support to the frame (less chance of it sliding side to side).

Overall I’ve been very pleased with this setup.

I am going to use wood and make on just like yours.

Thanks for posting the pic! Looking good. Now I would want to fit a 24", 26" and a 36" on one stand… I’ll see if I can figure something out.

Oh Blue :smiley:

Speaking of unicycle stands, our local unicycle store has built a rack with a unique way of holding the unis.

It is a metal base, with a square tube for each uni sticking up, and a slot in one side of the square tube.

You store each uni by pointing one crank down, and inserting it into the square tube. The pedal sticks out the slot.

It is a very strong stand, that requires minimal parts (but you would need to weld to build)

You can see a picture here:

Genius. Wish I could weld.

dimemsions please…

Hey MuniSano,

I like the looks of your rack and believe my “advanced woodworking skills” :wink: might even allow me to duplicate it. However, I was wondering what the dimensions were of the rectangle on the floor; specifically, the front-to-back internal (opening) size?

I was also wondering if you thought you had gotten that dimension “just right” for holding 20s, 24s & 26s (it looks like you did), and whether it might also hold a 29er too, if notched? In other words, if you were to rebuild it, would you keep the front-to-back internal (opening) size the way it is now, or make it greater or less?

(Come to think of it, maybe reducing the front-to-back internal (opening) size to just lift a 20" tire off the ground, and adding notches to the 4"x4"s that are appropriately-sized and beveled for larger wheels/tires, would be the way to go?)

Thanks in advance for the details!


UPD in Utah

I can go take some actual measurements if you all want them. Basically, at the time, I didn’t have a 36er but had a 20", 24" and 26" unicycle so wanted a box to fit them all.

Like you’d surmised I based the entire uni-rack dimensions off of the smallest unicycle I own, a 20" unicycle. Basically made the opening just big enough so that the 20" tire didn’t quite touch the floor (not that that would be a bad thing anyhow) and the back-rest just tall enough so the saddle would clear the top. This seemed to work well and all the other uni’s I had all fit just fine (except the 36").

I think a 29" would probably fit just fine because my 26" unicycle has a 26x3 Gazz and so the effective diameter is closer to 28" and it fits just fine.

I purposely avoided cutting any notches in the box frame or the headrest so I could place any uni, anywhere in the rack, but if you want to customize per uni, go for it!

All things considered, if you’re okay with the 20" touching the ground, then I’d perhaps make the box a bit wider to ensure that you can hold the largest 29" tire possible, or like you said, just cut some notches in the 4x4’s.

Best rack I’ve seen in a while:

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