How To Get A Free Unicycle

So, whilst riding in to work today, a silver transit van slows down behind me, and gradually pulls up along side with his passenger window wound down. “Excuse me mate!” he calls. Oh, here we go, what wonderful variation of your wheel is missing will I get this morning? (Me? Cynical? Never!). “I’ve got one of those things, but can’t ride it” he carries on. My cynical voice points out that I’m going to have to tell him everything he needs to know about riding it whilst shouting through a van window at 10mph on a busy road. “Would you like it?” My cynical voice shuts up, gets it coat and leaves.

So, he’s given me a 1 year old un-ridden Nimbus trials (20" wheel) unicycle. For nothing. Free. Cost me nada. I think maybe I should get him a bottle of whisky or something to say thanks.

I didn’t want to ride in to work carrying it, so he’s happy for me to stop off on the way home.

Should I complain that it’s not got a splined hub? :smiley:


Yes, complain about the non splined hub, this is inexcusable. Demand he buy you a brand new KH for this disgraceful way to dump a non splined hub unicycle on you.

Plan b. Give him back the unicycle and teach him how to ride it.

Plan C. Smile and thank him with a bottle of whisky or two.

Funny that… this is how I got my second unicycle.

Send it to me, I will make a street uni from it :roll_eyes:

Peter M

Or send it to me, I’ll give it to one of my friends and teach them how to ride.

What friends? HAH!

So I am confused. How do I do this? Do I just ride up to any van? What if they ask me to get inside? … only if they have candy right?

what was it already in the back of the van by coincedence :thinking: , and he saw you and just gave it to you

Not my Dutch friends, that’s for sure!

thats great on t every day that happens give him a few lessons every extra unicyclist is a bonus never know he might get into it haha

if you realy don’t want it, i’ll be happy to take it off your hands…

:sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d try to persuade him to go for plan B. If he absolutely can’t pick it up (unlikely if he really tries for a couple of weeks w/ a bit of help from you), use it as a loaner or give it to some broke kid and teach him.

Thats almost exactly how I got my giraffe uni except I was on a dark back road in the middle of a blizzard riding with one of my friends.

Wow. You’re really lucky, you should make a cool street or flatland uni out of it.

Well, I’ve decided what I’m going to do with it. Give it away. There’s a bunch of young kids that play hockey in Hackney that could really do with it, so I’m going to devise some kind of non-skill related competition with the uni as the prize.

btw the stickers on it say Mission. But that looks like a Nimbus frame to me, but with el cheapo saddle and seat post clamp. Anyone else heard of Mission unicycles, or is it just a rebranded Nimbus?


Eddbmxdude had a Mission trials unicycle Mission Trials Uni?
I don’t know whether he still has it or has swapped all the parts by now, but for a free unicycle you can’t really complain.


Ah, yes, Mission are a genuine unicycle manufacturer.;
I don’t think that Kris Holm has much to fear from the competition though :smiley:


and this non skill related competition??? :astonished: :thinking: :smiley: :wink:

Well, I wanted a fair way to give the most deserving kids the best chance of winning. I didn’t want a skill test because those most likely to win already have unicycles, which is why they have the skill.

So, between now, and the start of Ride The Lobster, everyone that turns up to play hockey at Hackney gets an entry in to a sweep stake, and can take a guess as to how long my team (The Goonies) take to complete RTL. It’s something that even I don’t know the answer to, so there can’t be any cheating going on, and those that are dedicated and come more regularly get more entries.

Clever eh?



Well thought out.

Good luck with RTL by the way.


hey my first time to this site. I was lead to it while looking up unicycles for info. Myself not a unicycle person but i do have a son who wants one to learn(he is 16) if you have one want to get ride of let me know so i can pass it on to him. or like this ad i see about a free one i would like to pass it on to my son as normally i dont have the income extra to buy one as i see their 100.00 and up.
any advice or leads out there? i am afraid to register on the so called FREE ads as afraid get “burned” by hidden requirements (like the ad i seen for free torker? :thinking:
like i said i know nothing about unicycles just have a son who wants one so im looking to see whats out there. some ads i see on ebay only say size wheels not much on how tall it is. im unsure how to figure right sized for person (leg lengths??) steve
ps please reply by this site ory email address as im deaf and donuse a phone thanks