How much is YOUR uni worth?

Want to know everyone’s opinion on value of their(and others) uni. :slight_smile:
Is your uni worth MORE or LESS then original purchase?
Also wanted to know what I’ll get for my Coker “if” I sold it.

My uni:
Original Coker frame with original Airfoil rim, steel spokes, KH gel-saddle, brakes, button-tire, and 170mm aluminum cranks.

I spent a lot on my unicycle and I enjoy it. Compared to other serious hobbies out there, unicycling is quite cheap, even when you go for a $1000+ unicycle (Like I did). MTB can go up to $10 000 and don’t even get me started on buying huge expensive vehicles.

I think that $350 for the coker sounds right, it depends on the condition it is in.

My uni is priceless.

ok original unicycle was 24" juggleart worth $165 AUS. on top of that ive spent $50 AUS on either better parts or replacing stuff i broke :stuck_out_tongue:
then theres money on gear, another $50 AUS
so all up ive spent $265 AUS on my uni addiction thus far. :slight_smile:

Lets see, my coker cost me less then $1k and when finished modding it went up some $600+ and i stopped at $2.5k. :astonished:

when all is said and done my 36er comes to about $850 USD


Well $560 + $40 = $600

It’s worth every penny

Like every other product its likely to depreciate in value.

Unicycles that are unique and customized for specific function should hold a good portion of its value. Example Unicycle used to break the 24hr distance record, first GUNI, etc.

For $430 I believe I have something that will give me endless hours of enjoyment and exercise. Not too shabby a deal. No question I could have paid less for something else, but I am really attached to this one.

My 2 cents.

I bought my Schwinn Giraffe in 1983 for $210.
I see them on Ebay for $400 to $500 now…
I would never sell it though…It is like an extension of myself.

i was short on time so my post above was pretty quick and not really explained well. My unicycles that I’ve built/purchased were as follows:

29" $330 (nimbus II with a GB4 handle, seat modification and computer/light/bottle cage)

First 36" $about 1,000 (nimbus 36 DX with T7, magura brakes, bottle cages, computer, bike pouch, etc etc…too bad somebody cut my lock and stole it)

Second 36" $850 (same cycle, no brakes)

24" $680 (paid 400). KH 24" with Jim C pedals and a thompson seatpost.

so all in all, I’ve spent way too freaking much on unicycles in the past year and a half…but its so worth it.

It’s worth exactly what the market will pay for it. Same with real estate. what I paid for my house, what I’ve put into it for improvements, all of that is totally irrelevant. It was “worth” a lot more just 6 months ago, but less now since the real estate slump.

I’m just glad I got a 30 year fixed at 5.375%!:slight_smile: Many who went the “AR” Mortgages are unable to make the payments now, and are losing their homes to forclosure. But I digress.:stuck_out_tongue: Unis in general are only worth what people are willing to pay, and no more. Btw, I thought both your unis had steel rims; did you get a new one lately?

You got ahead of me, damn you blue eyed freak

My Uni Values

I kept all three of my KH Unis (KH20, KH24 and KH29) Stock.
There was no need to add anything! They were allready the best out there.

I put a V-brake on my ONZA 24 that I have since removed. I don’t ride the ONZA anymore it is for guest Riders.


nothing, i hate unicycling, who wants it


Is there anyone who thinks his 29-er is just worth peanuts and would like to sell it to me? I would pay over the odds… maybe even cashews.


O man I almost don’t want to know how much my unis are worth. I have spent alot on them.

My coker (still not built yet): drilled airfoil, 14g stainless spokes, coker frame, skinny hub, 29er tube, double jump pedals, 125 alu qu-ax cranks, nimbus seatpost and clamp, freeride seat, stem/aerobar handle setup, TA tire.

150 for the rim, 105 for the tire, 60 for the pedals, 75 for spokes and seatpost, 12 for clamp, 60 for seat, 15 for handles, 50ish for frame, plus probably another 50 for the wheelbuild. So about 575 for the coker (better than I thought).

For my trials though I have put a crapload of money in it, just from breaking stuff and changing parts.

Original no good trials uni, k-1 hub and cranks, wheelbuild 1 and powdercoating, new seat 1, KH rim, wheel build 2, double jump pedals, new seat 2, CF base, Nimbus clamp, animal hamilton pedals, longer cranks.

So thats 270 for the original, 250 for hub and cranks, 40 for wheelbuild 1, 130 on seats, 90 on seatbase, 55 I think on the rim, 60 on the pedals, 12 on clamp, 40 on wheelbuild 2, 46 on pedals, 70 on cranks, plus I had to wait a rediculously long time twice when wanting new cranks, but one set was free.

That is a total of 1063 that I have spent on it.

People always think that buying custom unis gets them something special but really if i had just bought a KH and a luna tire I would have ended up at basically the same uni I have now but saved like 400 bucks.

<£270 or somthing.

That is exactly what I was thinking earlier today. Right now I am in the process of upgrading my quax trials. After its all done the only difference between it and a new KH 07 will be the frame post and clamp, but I will have spent the same, if not more, then a brand new KH.

Building a custum uni is fun and gives you expierence, and you usually end up having some back-up/extra parts, but it almost always costs more then just buying a new uni.

For sale. $2500 OBO.