How much is YOUR uni worth?

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Well yea for you. My customs will be great though.

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Is a KH Pro muni with Profile cranks still worth $1,600?

What about a KH Pro trials with Profile cranks?

They have nice steel frames that won’t break. :smiley:

Hey. What are you worried about? You have it now anyway. You either choose not to sell it or pocket the $2500 or whatever it’s “worth.”

This is so true. I’ll consult with Tom(b).

Carol might be interested in your Delft.

I have a first generation, collectors edition, DX. That must be worth much more than original purchase price; any takers? Other than my priceless SH MUni, the rest of my unis are depreciating.

the first DX is a 2004? i don’t beleive i have seen any before that, can you show some pictures. if it is that one… it probably isn’t worth much…

estimate cost, (I’m not going to look up the prices)

Radial 360 $339
Nimbus36Frame 120
airfoil 90
spokes 80 ( actually from ‘the unicycle factory’ !)
cranks 26
T7 70
post 20
seatCover 19
rubber Grips 10
locknut’s 2

OMG, I am sorry I added that up. Good thing I love to ride that unicycle.

Dam, and I didn’t add include the UDC hub, new seat clamp, pedals, and the shipping costs!

Hmm, I’ve replaced everything but the seat base plastic. I had forgotten that I didn’t buy it as a complete Nimbus 36.

Good thing I sold the old parts, as almost a complete Radial for $100, but oh yeah, that include a very slightly used ($60) Coker tire.

Don’t get me started on my Nimbus 24" Muni, which has become a KH 24" piece by piece, (Even replaced the plastic seat base with a Carbon fiber base).

i have the qu-ax real trial (not cross) w/ a cut down seat, all parts stock, nothing added. and its the older one, before the reinforced seatpost w/ trianlge thingy, and befor the ISIS hub. if i sold it id prob ask like $250… but id prob only sell it if i got a KH and needed some more$$$

36’’ schlumpf unicycle

My unicycle is worth over $2,600 it has Schlumpf Hub, Double Wall Airfoil Rim, 36’’ Kris Holm Frame, Magura Hydraulic Brakes, Air Saddle, and all the other stuff

I have a N36 with a Schlumpf hub being built now, and I cant wait

You need to post a picture of that.

I bet it’s super sexy with that KH frame.

Alright paris hilton. Seriously whats with the “that’s sexy” thing? I am just asking because everybody says oh I bet that looks sexy, but I don’t see it.

I got mine in 1980 for $109. I wouldn’t sell it for $1000. Market price for a “standard” one is probably in the $400-600 range. Mine has all the hardware rechromed so its shinier than it originally was. But it’s not for sale.

I have what may have been the first Miyata in America. A picture of it was shown in the USA Newsletter in 1978. Similar to the Miyata Deluxe that was later available, only with a steel rim, gumwall tire and cottered cranks. Unfortunately it’s developed some rust over the years. Garages and basements aren’t the best possible places to store unicycles. It’s not for sale.

I have a Loyd unicycle (predecessor of the Schwinn) with what appears to be the original seat on it. I paid around $50 on eBay for it.

I have a DM ATU, the first unicycle (not custom-) made with a splined hub. Not sure how much I would let it go for…

Harper, what are the specs on that $2500 beauty? Harper hub?

Yes. It’s the original BlueShift. It has one of the first two hubs I made. It has a redesigned, hardened axle and the second iteration internal parts. Steve Howard custom frame, triple drilled Kookas from Phil (pdc), and Primos, all blue anodized. It has a 27.2mm seatpost with tilt rail adapter and airseat. There is exactly one in the world.

Nimbus 36 SE - 600
KH Saddle - 50
T7 used - 20
WAY too many cranks - ~80
Custom (but not fancy) brake - ~50

Thats $800 without shipping

(not selling it)

Reviving an ancient 16 year old thread because I didn’t feel like starting a new one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just wanted to share a few details about my custom 20" uni.

I named it Theseus because it started out as a 2023 Kris Holm 19" (named Stella) but part-by-part it rapidly transformed into an entirely different beast. Now all that remains of the original is the frame, seatpost and rim tape. And even the frame will likely be replaced soon!

Including shipping (free), the original cost was $650. The current cost (subtracting sold off parts and including shipping costs) is $1189.53. An approx 82% price increase! :melting_face:

Here’s a breakdown of Theseus’ current build, from top to bottom:

Exceed Carbon saddle¹
Impact small saddle handle
Exceed Carbon handle stiffener plate
Wanyifa titanium button hex allen head screws (Rainbow)²
• Exceed Carbon saddle cover altered with hand-sewn vinyl blue CF embellishments†
Kris Holm OnePiece Seatpost
Title MTB seatpost clamp (Oil Slick)
2023 KH20 frame (blue)
Mad4One CrMo Mad-Tecno ISIS hub³
110mm Mad4One Mad-Tecno cranks
Mad4One Madapters for Mad-Tecno (RAL 1016 powder-coated)
Odyssey Twisted PC Pro pedals (Mustard with Black Swirl) (pins snipped in half and sanded down)
20" Vee Speedster ST 20" x 2.35" tire
Tubolito S-Tubo-BMX TPU inner tube
XRacing Iridescent Valve Cap
406 mm (20") x 46 mm Mad4One drilled rim
Kris Holm 19" rim tape (blue)

¹From South Korea
²From China
†The original cover’s CF embellishments came cracked and tore through within a few weeks
³All M41 parts from Italy, of course
⁴From the Netherlands

Pictures (from most to least recent):

This thing is my pride and joy and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But if I had to buy it all again, I would’ve bought a Mad4One in the first place. As high quality as KH unis are, IMO their focus really isn’t on urban riders but on mountain and distance. This is clearly evident by the way they switched to Q-Axle, a crank drive that wreaks havoc on flatland riders doing crankrolls. And it’s so new there are very few crank arm options available, esp in the U.S.

Some upgrades I have on the back burner:
• Replacing the tire with an Eclat Fireball (Black With Purple Teal Fade Wall) for the :sparkles: asthetics.:sparkles:

Odyssey Twisted Pro PC Pedals (Midnight Purple/Orange Swirl) to match the Eclat and the Tubolito valve stem.

• Replacing the frame with either a Mad4One Powersquare Flat OR a custom Flansberrium. My goal is to do frame tricks more easily and a have snazzy longneck look.

• A Mad4One XXL or a Koxx ONE Pitfighter III seatpost if my current KH one breaks.

• Replacing the hub with an Exceed Titanium hub :moneybag::money_with_wings::moneybag: I’m 100% a weight weenie but I ain’t got that kinda money at the moment! :tired_face:

• Maybe even switching back to a 19" trials wheelset. I miss the bounce you get from that extra inch in diameter. If I do go through with that I’d ride a Clean Koala 19" x 2.6".


Interesting topic rivival. I spent about $2000 on my most expensive unicycle (titanium frame, carbon wheel schlumpf 29er), it’s still an inexpensive one comparing to my other hobbies (e.g. it’s about as expensive as my cheapest guitar :thinking:)

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Is this topic about “how much did your uni cost you?”, or “how much should it be valorized today?”. For example, geared unis are probably the more expensive unis you could build, due to the price of Schlumpf’s hubs. But some people may have bought their hub before the price increase - I have been one of them -, so they have build their uni for cheaper that what I would cost today.

So, including these details in my calculations, let’s talk about my G36er! :smiley:

Wheel/transmission components:

Frame/saddle-related components:

  • custom Flansberrium frame: ~500€. Will be replaced in a few months by a new Flansberrium Y-frame, estimated at ~1200€
  • KH Fusion Street saddle: 60€
  • KH one-piece seatpost: 35€
  • KH t-bar: 70€ when bought, 110€ now
  • Flip Ergo 50a aerobars: bought 150€, now estimated at 200€

Brakes components:

  • Shimano Saint M820 brake caliper and lever: bought 180€, now estimated at ~275€
  • custom BrakeStuff 220mm rotor: ~120€ (currently testing it, I hope to give some details about it later on :slight_smile: )
  • Hope Tech HBMR 220mm Brake Adapter: 20€

The total of what I have paid should be around 3800€. Now, if you sum the estimation of what it would cost me today, it would be around 5200€. That being said, it still does not include my future frame (+700€), nor the LB rim. It does not take into account the other pieces I have tried and rejected or broken over the past years: cranks, pedals, tires, saddles, aerobars, seat-posts, rims, spokes (I haven’t included them in my previous calculations as they don’t cost that much), and so on. Some of these parts have been reused on other unis or bikes, but others now lie unused…

Did anyone said unicycling was a cheap sport? :sweat_smile: