How many unicyclists online?

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I was just wondering how many unicyclist there are in the world. I know that in Denmark we have about 1,000 organized in clubs, but there migth be another 1,000+ who are not organized. And a lot of people who have once learned to unicycle but don’t do it anymore.

What about the other contries? How many do you think ride there?


edit to thread: in the title I did not mean “online” but “world wide” however I can’t change it now

In germany we have something like 2000-3500 in the biggest organisations (EVB, BDR, Soli, EVD), and much more in clubs. Overall there must be like one million unicyclists, but mostly because unicycling is trend for female kids (07 my sponsor sold something like 100 000 unicycles).

No clue, i do know that their are a ton in Florida and that I hear of new ones all the time.

Wait wait, you mean I am not the only one?

I know that within my area there are at least ten that I have yet to meet, and I have met 5 or so. If we were to use this ratio you could take a guess… probably hugely inaccurate though. maybe around double the amount of members on here, plus the amount here… thats umm… triple lol!

I’ll take a guess at 25,000,000. That means people who are able to ride a unicycle. More specifically, if you handed them a unicycle set to their dimensions and matching what they ride/rode, they should be able to ride it within a few tries.

In the Netherlands there are not any unicycle clubs the sport is just to small and all the real active riders are not living close to eachother.

but i gues there are a few 1000 people who can ride the unicycle
and at the most 200 more active riders and then only 10 real active riders
so promote the sport all over the world and let it grow just as big as the other sports:D

I have had to say this before. A ton of people is not a whole lot. Fourteen 150 pound people already constitute more than a ton.

there is definitely more than that. I’m guessing lutz’s prediction is more accurate, but the majority of those million can probably only ride in a straight line, no tricks or anything like that

The Netherlands are a very small country, which is not a province of Germany.

Well, we had around a dozen people express initial interest in the recent Florida Muni Meetup, so I feel confident in extrapolating at least 2 riders in the state previously unaccounted for.

bill “ton of” nye
John M

I know about the Netherlands.

I was talking about in the entire world, sorry for the confusion.

I see, but I think Lutz was talking about Germany. Nevermind:)

I think there are really more then 1 million unicyclists…
but maby only 5000-10 000 trial/street/flat/muni unicyclists

In Italy we have a national association (AIM) and, as far as I know, one or two local clubs. About 350 people are registered to AIM’s website. Among those who “can” ride, I’d say muni is the most common discipline.
In addition there is a quite large group (150 people) in the German-speaking South Tirol (that is within Italian border but more middle-european in terms of culture). Some of them are really good, but we should ask them if they can be accounted among Italian riders :slight_smile:

In Portugal, there is about 6 riders that I know, but only 2 of them ride all weekends in a nice park that we have close to Lisbon called Monsanto. One it’s me and the other is my friend Nuno. We start this week riding trails with ours very nice 29" KH. We just do MUNI! We start at about one year.

Regards from Lisbon,

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