How many old farts are out here riding?

New to this uni stuff - not bad at 55. Thought I would try something different. How many old farts are out there?
(Out Of Control)

You’ll have to define “Old Fart”, is that 55? Do you have to qualify for Senior Discount?

“Geezers” are over 40 in the unicyclists’ world.

Buncha old geezers…


It’s good to see people over 40 doing something besides working or sitting around. In my area the only thing older people do is give you attitude for not getting off of the road quick enough when they drive by.

old farts are funny

I’m past 53, that should count!!!:smiley:

Actually most any fart can be funny.

Welcome, I guess if 40 makes you a Geezer then I am there
And what ever happened to “OLDFATBOY”

Unicycling is the fountain of youth. When I’m riding, I never feel “old”.

Welcome to the forum Jerry. What type of riding do you enjoy?

I don’t consider myself an old fart but am closer to a senior citizenship than most people on

Unicycling keeps us young!

Pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb… :o

I learned to uni just a couple of years ago - at age 43. It’s a blast! I’m now riding a lot of hardpack on a 29". Most people don’t learn a new skill past college.

Wow, that makes me feel great. I miss old fartville by two years. On the other hand, it only means I have two years before I need to start looking at knitting while I ride trials. Or playing Cribbage while I scope out street lines.

Welcome to the addictive world of unicycling where getting in shape couldn’t be more fun.
I’m a proud 48 year old rider. Just finishing up my 3rd year of riding. A serious warning for you, be careful, unicycles have a habit of reproducing rather rapidly. Before you know it, you’ll have almost as many unis as you have golf clubs.

do farts have the capacity to get old?

do you smell one…will you smell that one in a year
then yes

I started last year at 42. It’s the most engaging sport that I’ve ever done, and never boring. :>

I do mostly 1-2 hour rides around town, and off-road as much as possible.

Yes, but will that be the same fart?

I started riding in August. At 45 I’m not cool enough to ride my skateboard anymore… :sunglasses:

My children are older farts than me.

Davey Earp first time post here > does 47 count? … bought my first uni last month, thought it would be cool to teach my grandson when he gets a bit older.
Practising for half an hour at lunch-time when I can. Currently getting around pretty well after 11 hours, riding the paths at night in Bournemouth, UK, where I live. Need some work on free mount, which I manage perhaps 1 in 8 attempts. Already thinking about the next uni as I feel i need a larger wheel to get around more. Anyone living locally that could let me try a larger wheel before I decide what size to get ? …thanks …davey