How many and what kind?

I’m curious as to how many and what kind of unicycles everyone owns. I have three. A 20" Oxford on which I learned to ride in 1975, a 24" Miyata that I bought in college in 1984, and a 36" Coker that I bought in 2009.

What’s in your stable?

Everything that appears in my signature :slight_smile:

Easier for me to say “many” and nothing with gears or a chain but most of the others. :slight_smile:

The collection so far:
16" Zepher that the boys learned to ride on.
19" Nimbus trials with cut down frame for 8 year old.
19" Impact Reagent currently with Nimbus trials frame for 10 year old but loaned out to a friend of a friend.
2 x 20" Torker LXes for the boys to ride in the gym at school.
24" Torker LX loaned out to a friend.
24" Nimbus II for walking the dog.
24" Nimbus Muni with frame cut down for 10 year old.
24" Nimbus Muni frame with KH bent wheel set loaned out to a friend of a friend.
26" Torker LX that I learned on now with the frame cut down for 10 year olds road uni.
26" Nimbus Oregon muni.
36" custom black Nimbus Oracle
Piece of junk 5’ giraffe uni with frame cut down to fit 8 year old.
24" home made (by someone else) ultimate wheel.

Next on the list of wants:
29" road uni (too big a speed difference between the 26" and 36" for my ten year old and I to ride together)
I would like to make a 36" ultimate wheel.
36" nightfox when my 10 year old gets a little taller but mostly stronger.
And most importantly way more time to ride.

Nice collection, UniD.

Wow. That is quite a collection of “silly contraptions”. How long have you been unicycling?

19" Nimbus Equinox custom build
29" Nimbus Oracle muni custom build (Spirits and external disc)
29" Schlumpf first gen with original Schlumpf frame - road tyre
20" Nimbus giraffe

plus a 26" wheel and frame, I think I have all the bits needed to build that up

20" Nimbus
another 20" that I used to learn unicycling on. Don’t remember the brand
24" KH
29" Nimbus Oracle - my most fave uni.
29" KH with Schlumpf gear
36" Nimbus Nightrider

Been thinking about getting a 19" trials as well.

19" impact athmos, 24" nimbus 2 muni, 29" home built nimbus muni and a 36" nimbus oracle. Next on the list will be a 27.5. I was considering building a 27.5 wheel with a 2.8" Nobby Nic and putting it in the 29" frame but I’m not sure if it’ll fit so I’ll probably just save a bit longer and buy a complete uni.

24" Torker LX (what I learned on)
26" Oracle (165mm Venture cranks, KH t-bar)
20" Torker CX
19" Nimbus Equinox (137mm Venture cranks)
29" Nimbus Road (converted to a 29" XC, 170mm Quaz cranks, Shadow handle)
19" Nimbus Equinox with Schlumpf (DH 165/137 KH Cranks, Shadow handle)

I own 3.5 unicycles I guess.

19" Flat/Street/Trials
Impact Gravity longneck// Carbon fiber base with impact foam and sinco seat cover // try all rim // Impact Hub // Try all slick tire // little girl pedals //drilled 137mm Moments

20" Freestyle/backup Flat/Street/Trials
QX Frame//Kris Holm Saddle with the thicker Impact foam//a black impact all bran pedal, and a blue twisted PC//qu-ax profi Wheelset, 102mm qu-ax cranks with a white tire OR Koxx-one light hub (of the last series) VIZ rim, 130 mm impact groovy cranks

26" Muni
Nimbus Oracle // Formula the one brake// QX-Eleven saddle //continental Rubber queen//crankbrothers pedals

-20" Nimbus Eclipse Freestyle
-24" KH Muni
-29" KH Muni
-29" lightweight Unicycle (~4kg)
-36" KH
-28" Ultimate Wheel
-20" Ultimate Wheel
-20" Peg Unicycle

I want some of those, where did you get them?

I tried to have only one of each common size :stuck_out_tongue: (see sig.)

Lessee… in no particular order (and yes, I name them)
Toph: Nimbus Oregon 26" Fat Muni
Boedica: 24" Frankenmuni that started off as a Nimbus II, became a Nimbus II/KH-Onza hybrid, and then a KH/KH-Onza muni (with bearings that are shot, so she’s retired…)
Esme: Bedford KH-Onza 19" trials
Hermione: 36" Coker

20" Freestyle/learner
19" Impact Gravity
24" KH muni
26" Nimbus
G32" (Custom build with KH36 frame)

I started unicycling last summer on a Nimbus Muni 24, with the goal of graduating to a fat tire and selling the 24 at some point.

After adding the Hatchet, I not only kept the 24, but added an Equinox Street so I could learn tricks easier.

Now with three unis, I can see myself adding a 32 or 36" at some point so I can do some road work, dang these things are addictive:D

I have too many unicycles, Here is the list with prices and why I got them:

Trainer 24 (NOK 1 300)

UDC Sweden recomended this as an adult learner - collecting dust now.

Qu-Ax Cross 29 (NOK 2 000)

Felt I needed something between 24 and 36 (wich was my ultimate goal). I later chopped down the frame to make it fit my oldest kid. Collecting dust now, but my youngest kid might need it in a couple of years.

Nimbus Nightrider Impulse Disc 36 (NOK 6 000)

36’er was my reason to get into unicyling. This was the coolest one on the market in my opinion. Still my main 36’er.

KH 26 (NOK 4000)

Maybe try Muni? Yes, let’s get a KH26. Timoteusmunk uses it when he is visiting Norway. Otherwise collecting dust.

Schlumpf hub (NOK 10 000)

I really wanted to try this, and it would also be great to get to my trail head on a schlumped KH26. Collecting dust now, but I might put it in a 29’er later.

KH 29 (NOK 4 000)

For winter riding with a studded tyre. Wanted something better than the Qu-Ax even though the Qu-Ax was just fine. I use it mainly in the winter.

Dodger 12 (NOK 900)

Got it for my oldest kid, but none of my kids managed to learn to ride on this one. I got a few videos out of it. Fun to ride.

Only One 16 (NOK 700)

Both kids learned on this. Easier to ride than the Dodger. Other kids use it from time to time.

KH 20 (NOK 3 500)

Wanted something I could bring with me on holidays. The kids use it too. (I have two sets with seatposts/seats)

Oracle 24 (NOK 4 000)

Wanted a smaller wheel and a wider tyre for muni than the KH26. Collecting dust, but it’s back up for the bigger 26’er brother

KH 36 (NOK 3 200)

I’ve had som problems with the Nimbus 36, and therfore needed a back up. Hate being without a 36’er. Got the KH for a great price. Timoteusmunk uses it too.

Oracle 26 (NOK 4 000)

I like the Oracle 24, but wanted something bigger. Put on a Surly Knard . Great uni.

Unknown 20 (NOK 150)

Second hand. Got this for my youngest kid. Painted it purple and put on a pink tyre. She loves it.

Nimbus Hatchet fat 26 (NOK 9 000)

Couldn’t resist. No dust, only mud on this one.

Total: NOK 52 750 (prices are from memory)

I have also bought two more unicycles as gifts to my nephews, which means I have bought 15 unicyles in six years.

Impressive list :sunglasses:

Makes me feel great to manage to keep the count low (just reached 4 full uni after 10 years – not counting gifts) :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a nice vid of the Nimbus Hatchet UniMyra. Norway does have a lot nicer nature than boring Denmark :slight_smile: Im jealous at how easy it is for you to ride a little and hop and just ride on.